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Wepner Program on the Lincoln Legacy University of Illinois Springfield

Gene W. Giannotta

Gene Giannotta assists the Wepner Professor in developing and coordinating new and existing initiatives for the Wepner Program on the Lincoln Legacy. He is a graduate of the Springfield (M.A., 2011, political science) and Urbana-Champaign (B.A., 2007, political science and economics) campuses of the University of Illinois.

Gene’s research interests include the Presidency, civil-military relations, American foreign policy, and the intersection of media and politics. His M.A. thesis, The Problems of Command: Obama, McChrystal, and American Civil-Military Relations in Operation Enduring Freedom, qualitatively examined the recent history of presidential decision-making and military oversight in the context of the Afghanistan war. He is also interested in expanding the scope of contemporary social science to address the wide range of historical cases that can build support for new and existing theories of political behavior, one of the aims of the Wepner Program.

Gene can be reached at