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Intro: History of our Websites/Content Management Systems

1. Optimizing Your Website

  • Don’t aid bounce rates
  • Open new tab for Off-Campus websites only
  • Use anchors for long pages
  • Write stories about your staff or students and link to them
  • No blank pages, “Coming Soon”, or Under Construction
  • Align images to wrap text around them, or use large images that span the web page
  • If you are linking to a PDF file, add (PDF) at the end of the link

2. Search Engine Optimization

  • Update your content
  • Make important phrases/search terms bold, italic, or within links (what words would be used to find your site?)
  • Use keywords in the page title, body text and lists
  • Create good page titles
  • Place important text on web pages instead of inside images

3. Think Mobile

  • Keep it simple
  • Use paragraphs and lists
  • Link to text-heavy content on inside web pages
  • Be careful with aligning smaller images. Use large images that span the web page.

4. Web Accessibility

5. Getting Help

Tools and Services Web Services ITS
Email X
New Department Website/Updates X
Social Media: Training X
Social Media: Strategy X
Photos for Your Website X
Learn to Edit Images X
Webtools Toolbox: Calendars, etc. X


For any help with your website, or the Webtools Toolbox: http://go.uis.edu/webhelp