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Photo Submission Guidelines

If you have a photo to submit to be considered for use in a campus print or electronic publication, please read the guidelines below.

General Information:

  • Upon submission of your photo, you are giving the University of Illinois permission to use your photo on websites, and in any U of I publishing medium, without byline or credit.
  • We hope to make use of as many submissions as possible, but there are no guarantees that a photo will be accepted, or that it will appear in a particular publication, or that your caption will be used, or that your name will be credited. We will credit photos whenever possible, but in some cases a credit may not appear.
  • You should be prepared to submit Model Release forms for any photo that clearly identifies a person (or in some cases, a place). You may download model and premises release forms here.

About the Photographs:

  • Only digital submissions will be accepted.
  • The image resolution of the photo must be a minimum of 72 pixels per inch, and a minimum of 600 pixels high and 600 pixels wide.
  • Photos should stand alone, and tell a story of UIS people, places, and/or things. We prefer that the photos be taken on campus, though exceptions are made for graduates working in professional careers, sporting events, online students, Peoria students, study abroad students, etc.
  • The general categories of photos we prefer are: Life at UIS; Academics; Faculty and Staff; Students; Cultural Groups; Current Events, including UIS ties to regional, national and global events.

How to Submit:

  1. Send an email to the address at the bottom of this page.
  2. Attach only one photo per email.
  3. Include the following: Your Name; Your Affiliation with UIS; Your Email Address and Phone Number.
  4. Also include: 25 words or less about the photo to be used as a caption.
  5. Attach a photo and send the email to: