UIS Links

The UIS departments and web pages listed below may be helpful to you in maintaining your department website and other multimedia projects:

  • Tech Support
    For all technical support issues related to email, software, computers, and websites, start with a call or email to the Technology Support Center:
    217/206-6000 or techsupport@uis.edu
  • WordPress Handouts
    The Office of Web Services offers documentation for WordPress Editors and Authors with steps for specific tasks you may need to accomplish within WordPress.
  • Multimedia Software Workshops
    The Information Technology Services department at UIS offers training on a number of multimedia software products, including Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Flash, and more.
  • Podcasting
    Podcasting refers to choosing audio files from a designated web resource and loading them on a digital music [MP3] player or a computer. A unique feature of a podcast is the ability to subscribe to a feed, which automatically updates at intervals defined by your podcast software. Visit the podcast resource at UIS for more information.
  • RSS Feeds
    RSS – Really Simple Syndication – is a popular means of sharing content. RSS feeds contain headlines and hyperlinks to longer articles or web pages. Desktop software applications known as news readers – or aggregators – collect, update and display RSS feeds. To subscribe to feeds from UIS, click on the link above, copy the URL for one of the feeds listed on the Newsroom web page, and paste it into the subscribe function of your news reader or aggregator.
  • iTunes U
    iTunes U is a free, cross-platform multimedia distribution and learning environment system wherein educational content is hosted online and made available to students in podcast format. Illinois Springfield is a member of iTunes University. We’ve got loads of audio and video you can enjoy on the fly or download to your computer. Take us with you anywhere.
  • Web Policy
    The Campus Web Policy was established to ensure a high quality, marketing and service-oriented web presence, including a coordinated presentation of accurate and  important information, directed to a wide variety of constituents.
  • Webtools Toolbox
    The Webtools Toolbox is a free suite of online tools designed to help University of Illinois faculty, staff, and students accomplish their web and communication responsibilities quickly and easily. The Toolbox includes Surveys, Calendars, Forms, Email+, Groups, Blogs, Short URLs, and much more. You can create any of these online services without hiring a programmer.