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Addendum D – Guidelines

Guidelines for Official UIS Web sites

University of Illinois Policies for Publishing on the Web

The University of Illinois maintains policies regarding publishing on the Web. All UIS campus unit Web sites shall adhere to the policies outlined in the University Web Policy Statement. Complete information is available at this URL:

The following topics are addressed in the University Web Policy:

  • Commercial Advertising
  • Compliance
  • Copyright
  • Links
  • Logo/Wordmark
  • Non-discrimination
  • Personal Business
  • Security
  • Violations
  • Web Accessibility

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Specific UIS Policies:

Legal Notices and Disclaimers:

Web Privacy Notice:

Unless otherwise noted, UIS Web sites adhere to the University of Illinois Web Privacy Notice. Read a Complete Copy of the Privacy Notice.

Information Technology Services:

UIS Campus Web Policy:

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Template for Official UIS Unit Web Pages

Templates exist for Web pages that are designated as Official UIS Unit Web Pages. These templates are developed by the UIS Office of Web Services and are used in conjunction with the UIS Web Publishing System. The templates are not distributed to individuals or to departments.

The template contains the Top Blue Bar which identifies the university and contains links to the campus home page and the search page. The Top Blue Bar must be present on each Web page of each official unit website.

There are three offficial templates for UIS – 1) Academic, 2) Support Unit, and 3) Top-level Marketing.

1) Academic Template

Screentshot of Legal Studies website

2) Support Unit Template

Screenshot of Facilities Scheduling and Services website

3) Top-level/Marketing Template

Screenshot of Arts at UIS website

The templates may be used for other non-official unit Web pages only if approved by the Office of Web Services. The template may not be used for personal Web pages.

Please review all of the information available for download on the Office of Web Services Web site. If you need a Web site that will reside on a primary UIS Web Server, please contact the Office of Web Services.

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Web Software Development Tools

Please see the list of approved Web Software Development Tools that may be used for official unit Web sites that reside on the primary UIS Web Servers.

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Use of UIS Logo

Use of the UIS logo must adhere to guidelines determined by Campus Relations.

Specifically, the logo must:

  • Maintain the correct height and width proportions;
  • Stand alone – no text or objects should be placed under or on top of the logo;
  • Be produced with correct production methods to insure that it meets visual standards set by the UIS Campus Relations department.
  • Click here to download UIS Logos for print or the Web

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Location of Official UIS Web Data

All unit Web site files, such as information and policy pages, databases, applications, photos, media files, etc. must reside in the unit Web account or in an account designated by the Web Server Administrator. These files may not reside in Personal Web Accounts, eDocs accounts, or on off-campus servers.

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Name of Home Page for Unit Web Accounts that reside on a UIS Web server

All UIS unit Web accounts must contain a home page with a file name of index.html or index.htm.

  • Other file names for home pages will not be accepted.
  • Special redirects to other page names will not be made by the Web Server Administrator.

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Required information on Official UIS Unit Web sites

Official UIS unit Web sites should use their Web sites to convey the personality of and specific information about their units. Avoid long, dense passages of text. Use bulleted lists as often as possible to break up long paragraphs of text.

All official UIS unit Web sites must contain the following:

  • UIS official template, which includes: UIS Name and Home Page link:
    University of Illinois Springfield

  • Name, phone number, and email address of the Dean/Director/Chair/Convener, or person in charge of the unit;
  • Name, phone number, and email address of all full-time faculty or staff members in the unit;
  • An email address and/or a phone number of a contact person for questions about the Web site and/or the unit;
  • List of degrees or services offered by the unit;
  • A link to the official UIS Course Schedule (for academic sites). Do not recreate the text for this information – use the following link:
  • A link to the official UIS Catalog Course Descriptions for the unit (for academic sites). Do not recreate the text for this information – use the following:

For more information about the required contents of academic and department Web sites, download and read the specific information at the Office of Web Services Web site.

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Suggested optional information on Official Unit Web sites

  • Faculty and/or staff office hours
  • List of adjunct faculty
  • Announcements of open faculty and staff positions
  • Featured information about the unit
  • Photographs
  • List of unit policies and/or events
  • Information about students and alumni

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Images included on unit Web pages should:

  • Be representative of UIS;
  • Be produced with correct production methods;
  • Be proportionally correct;
  • Consist of a small file size so as to download quickly;
  • Contain correct links so that the images appear correctly on the Web page;
  • Conform to copyright laws

Acquiring and Editing Photographs:
If you need to acquire photos of UIS people or places, contact the Marketing department at 206-6198.

If you need help producing images, contact Information Technology Services at 206-6550.

Model Release Forms:
If you are taking your own photos for use on your Web site, please obtain a release from any persons shown in the photo.

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Internet Browser Issues

Check your site to be sure it displays correctly in Explorer, Firefox, and Netscape Web browsers. Some Web page items do not display consistently among browsers.

Ideally, a Web page should be 50k or smaller in file size and download in 20 seconds or less from a modem connection. Check your Web site on many computers and browsers to be sure it appears correctly, that there are no dead links, and that it downloads quickly.

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UIS Writing Style Guidelines, including Electronic Style

The content of your Web page should conform to the UIS Style Guidelines, including guidelines for Electronic Style. See these Web links:

In addition, the Office of Web Services maintains additional Web-specific guideline documents:

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Accepting VISA/Mastercard via a Unit Web site

All University units must obtain approval from the University Office of Business and Financial Services, Accounting Division prior to accepting Visa and MasterCard credit cards for purchases of goods and/or services through a unit Web site.

See the official policy and download the request form at this URL:

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Technical Support

UIS provides entry-level technical support for all issues related to computers and UIS Web sites. The Technical Support department should be your first line of communication if you have questions or problems related to your computer or your Web site.

Please see Web Software Development Tools – guidelines for Web development software that are supported by the UIS Technical Support Center.

Contact information:

UIS Technical Support
HSB building, Lower Level
Email Address:

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Effective January 2006, all official campus Web sites are being migrated to the campus Web Publishing System. This project will take at least two years to complete.

When a new official unit Web site is created, the persons designated as the Publishers and Writers will be invited to a training session conducted by the Office of Web Services.

All official unit Web sites that have been redeveloped in the UIS Web site Project must be edited with Adobe Contribute software.

Personal Web sites, and sites that will not reside on the primary UIS Web Servers, may be developed with Adobe Dreamweaver software. Dreamweaver software workshops are offered by the Information Technology Services department.

Front Page Web editing software is no longer supported by Microsoft and will no longer be supported on the UIS campus.

The Information Technology Services department offers tip sheets and workshops to help you learn how to create Web sites and scan and edit photographs. Their lab computers have scanners, Adobe Photoshop, and other Web-related software. They also have digital cameras available for checkout by UIS faculty and staff.

Contact ITS at 206-6550, or visit their Web site at:

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