The Americorps Students in Service (Sis) Scholarship Program

Students in Service (SIS) began in 1997 as the HELP (Higher Education Learning Partners) program with funding from the Corporation for National & Community Service. With goals to foster civic engagement among higher education students, promote the National Service movement, and encourage positive relationships between campuses and communities, the program initially targeted students on member campuses in Washington. It later expanded to include students in California, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Alaska, and Oregon; it extended its reach to a total of 21 states in 2010! Illinois and this campus received our first grant during the 2010-2011 academic year.

The Program Goals :

  1. Increase the number of college student volunteers and service learners
  2. Help disadvantaged youth succeed and advance along the academic continuum
  3. Develop members’ and students’ civic skills, attitudes, and habits
  4. Improve members’ and students’ workforce skills
  5. Engage Veterans (college students at participating campuses) in serving their local communities
  6. Build organizational capacity at local non-profit, government, and educational institutions.

SIS meets critical community needs by engaging higher ed. students in service as part-time AmeriCorps members, and fostering within them an ethic of civic responsibility. AmeriCorps members are introduced to local, regional, and national service-learning opportunities, resulting in a regional network of student leaders committed to serving and strengthening their local communities. AmeriCorps members serve in partnership with schools and community-based organizations to address many community issues.

The UIS program will primarily be Teacher Education majors, Social Work majors, Biology majors or students completing their Engaged Citizen Common Experience or ECCE requirements through the Experiential & Service Learning Programs. For the Teacher Education students we will target students completing their student teaching in Title 1 schools or in math and science. The social work students will be volunteering in social service agencies and conducting direct service with the public. The professor managing the Emiquon field station recruits biology majors for that site.  These programs will send letters to all students enrolled in these classes outlining the program and the award.

Upon successful completion of a 300 hour term of service, members are eligible to receive an Education Award to be applied toward outstanding federal student loans or the cost of attendance at a college or university. The Educational Award for UIS students in this program is $1,175

Questions and Links

If you have questions about the program please e-mail us at You can find out more about AmeriCorps, the SIS Program, the Volunteer Center, and financial aid at UIS below:

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