The Americorps M3c Scholarship Program


AmeriCorps M3CThe AmeriCorps M3C Scholarship Program is designed to support predominantly low-income and first generation college students. Enrolled students (called M3C Fellows) serve their communities for one calendar year and receive a $1000 education award once they complete the program.

Benefits of the Program

The M3C Program provides a number of benefits to enrolled students including:

  • A community of civically engaged students
  • Expanded service opportunities, beyond those offered to the general student population
  • Leadership and professional development training
  • A $1000 education award that can be applied to any educational expenses, including tuition, books, room and board, and student fees.

As an M3C Fellow, you will be part of a national movement, a collective effort to improve the education, health, and economic sustainability of your community.

Program Application Process and Eligibility

You can apply online to the AmeriCorps M3C Program here. A UIS e-mail address is required. Though the program is primarily intended for low-income or first-generation college students, all students, regardless of background, are encouraged to apply.

You can also pick up an application from our office (Student Affairs Building 60) or download an application (.pdf) and print it out at your convenience.

Typically, first-year students apply in the summer and early fall between their senior year of high school and their first-year at UIS. Upper-class students who wish to apply for the mentor positions should apply during the spring or early summer before the academic year in which they wish to enroll.

Students should also check out our “Leadership for Life” Program for other ways to positively engage the Springfield and UIS community.

Structure of the Program

The program runs for one calendar year. Fellows typically enroll in October and exit the program during the summer of the following year. Fellows are asked to:

  • Complete 300 hours of community service in Springfield, their home communities, or a combination of both.
  • Maintain good academic standing at the University.
  • Participate in AmeriCorps National Days of Service, such as Make-A-Difference Day and Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service

The number of open positions varies each year depending on the availability of federal grant funding. The program typically enrolls one upper-class fellow for every three to four first-year fellows. Upper-class fellows serve as mentors to their first-year counterparts, helping them excel in both their academic and service activities.

Questions and Links

If you have questions about the program please e-mail us at You can find out more about AmeriCorps, the M3C Program, the Volunteer Center, and financial aid at UIS below:

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