UIS and the Visual Arts Department offer a Bachelor of Arts and a minor in Visual Arts. Students define an area of concentration within the program.

Entrance Requirements

Upon declaration of the Visual Arts major, students should meet their assigned academic advisor and submit examples of their artwork for informal critique within their first term.  It is strongly recommended that majors complete all lower-division prerequisites by the end of their sophomore year.  The prerequisite courses include the following courses, or their equivalents:  History of Art I and II (ART 261 and ART 262); Two Dimensional Design (ART 102) and Three Dimensional Design (ART 112); Drawing I (ART 113); and an introductory level art course in a specific discipline.  Examples of introductory courses include the following:  Introduction to Painting (ART 211), Introduction to Ceramics (ART 203) and Introduction to Digital Media (ART 236).

Visual Arts Student

Grading Policy

Students must earn a grade of C or better in all ART courses that apply toward the degree (grades of C- or lower will not be accepted). Courses taken on a credit/no credit basis will not count toward the degree. The course grading policy is determined by each instructor as appropriate to the individual course and is announced at the beginning of the term.

Course Descriptions

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Course Schedule

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