College of Business and Management

Academic Year: 2009 – 2010

Ronald D. McNeil, Dean

The College of Business and Management embodies the UIS mission to offer students a select number of degree programs that prepare students for careers and positions in the private and public sectors, or for advancement in their career. Through its curriculum, faculty, and student support, the college fulfills the needs of a diverse student population throughout the region, the state of Illinois, and increasingly beyond.

College Mission

The College of Business and Management seeks to have a learning environment in which traditional and nontraditional students are given learning opportunities to prepare them for careers, positions, and/or advancements in corporate, government, and nonprofit organizations. Students can take advantage of international experiences to prepare them for a global economy as well as internships which help them enter or advance in their career choices.
Our mission places the highest priority on teaching, student learning and preparing for today’s diverse, dynamic, global and electronically linked world. Through continuous improvements of curriculum and course delivery, the College of Business and Management and its faculty seek students developing professional competencies, general business knowledge and understanding, and integrity and ethical standards. Courses are delivered predominately by full-time faculty members with doctorates and scholarship in their area of specialty.
College of Business and Management students are sought by employers for internships and full-time employment after graduation. Faculty are provided opportunities for professional development and renewal and are known for their meaningful outreach and service contributions to academic, professional, and local communities.

Degrees, Minors, and Concentrations

Students in the College of Business and Management may earn undergraduate degrees in accountancy, business administration, economics, and management. These programs share core knowledge and skill-based goals and objectives essential to managerial effectiveness. These skills include communication, ethical understanding and reasoning, analysis, and problem solving. The common knowledge base addresses the following areas: ethical responsibilities in organizations and society; financial theories, analysis, reporting, and markets; creation of values through integrated production and distribution of goods and services; group and individual dynamics in organizations; domestic and global economic environments; and increased understanding of diversity.

Undergraduates can also earn a minor in Accountancy, General Business, Economics, and Management Information Systems.
The college offers three master’s degrees, in Accountancy, Business Administration, and Management Information Systems. These are advanced professional programs that examine the theory and practice of organizational management.

Online Degrees

  • Bachelor of Business Administration (B.B.A.)
  • Economics (B.A.)
  • Management Information Systems (M.S.)


The College of Business and Management is accredited by AACSB International.


Phone: (217) 206-6533