Nonprofit Sector

271 UIS teaches social media safety to local students

Cyber-bulling and social media awareness. That’s what professors from the University of Illinois Springfield were teaching students at Little Flower School; how to be smart, safe and responsible when using social media. Related Links: UIS spreads social media safety to local students

268 UIS and Downtown Springfield go hand-in-hand

The University of Illinois Springfield shows its community pride for Downtown Springfield, Illinois. Related Links: UIS and Downtown Springfield, a wonderful partnership UIS supports Downtown Springfield video

267 UIS economic impact on Sangamon County

A new study shows how the University of Illinois Springfield is having a major impact on the Sangamon County economy. In Fiscal Year 2013-14, the university added $176.8 million in additional income to the local economy. Related Links: Economic Impact News Release SJR Column: Economic Impact, January 2015 UIS Impact About the study Demonstrating the… Read More »

266 Recipients connect with donors at Scholarship Luncheon

More than 275 people attended the annual UIS Scholarship Luncheon, which brings together donors and scholarship recipients. For many of the donors it was their first time meeting the students they support. Related Links: UIS Scholarship Luncheon 2014 Video Showing our appreciation for scholarship donors 2012 Scholarship Luncheon 2011 Scholarship Luncheon Chancellor’s remarks at the… Read More »

261 UIS Dance Marathon raises money for CMN

UIS students marked the conclusion of a year-long fundraising effort for families benefitting from the Children’s Miracle Network at St. John’s Children’s Hospital in Springfield, with a dance marathon on campus. Related links: UIS to announce money raised for CMN Local family benefits from Children’s Miracle Network UIS Dance Marathon benefits Children’s Miracle Network

259 9 things the nonprofit sector can do

Ask citizens to support specific events or programs, get their help as board members, or simply ask for their advice. 41% of “unengaged” citizens have not been asked. Structure volunteering opportunities to help people help – small projects, limited time commitments, and giving specific instructions on what to do. Utilize untapped potential by casting a… Read More »

258 8 ways that places of worship can encourage involvement

Appoint, hire or find a volunteer coordinator. If it’s nobody’s task, nobody will do it for long. Establish relationships with groups that need volunteers. Then encourage friends to volunteer together. Create a child care cooperative, providing parents an opportunity to volunteer. Lack of child care is a major barrier to participation of parents. Sponsor gatherings… Read More »

255 8 major civic engagement activities – descriptions

Community Involvement Activities (secular): Such activities include volunteering, membership and participation in organizations, working with others to solve community problems, serving on a board, and attending a committee meeting or a board or council meeting. Almost two-thirds of our respondents (66%) reported volunteering time to at least one type of organization. More than one in… Read More »

254 6 primary ways to get people more involved

Ask people to get involved. Sounds simple, but it’s a huge step. Ask for a limited amount of their time. Teach civic skills. Appeal to people with one of the eight ways that most people get involved. Remember the power of faith-based motivation. Also remember the power of corporate commitment. From Profile of Illinois: An… Read More »

253 8 reasons people don’t get more involved

Time pressure due to family (59%) and job (58%) responsibilities. They were not asked to be involved (32%), or they do not feel a part of the community (13%). They do not know enough about the issues (26%), or they do not know how to get involved (23%). They feel they are already involved and… Read More »