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Academics at UIS

152 Billboards go up and chancellor explains what they mean

When UIS launched its “Leadership lived” campaign in the fall of 2012, billboards went up and it wouldn’t be surprising if you didn’t know exactly what they meant. So Chancellor Koch provides an overview in this Q&A and in this column in the Springfield newspaper. Related links:  The four core promises of UIS Stories about… Read More »

145 Alumni feature their work in Visual Arts Gallery

The Visual Arts Gallery is presenting an exhibit that highlights recent works from alumni of the UIS Visual Arts program. Works range from contemporary approaches to painting to site-specific installation works. It is called the Alumni Showcase 2013.

144 Looking for grant money? Our library can help

You can access a rich resource of information about grants and other nonprofit resources at the Central Illinois Nonprofit Resource Center (CINRC) in Brookens Library. The center is linked to a national center that was founded in 1956; it serves grant seekers, grant makers, researchers, policymakers, the media, and the general public.

141 Writers, poets, editors work with English students

Fiction writers, essayists, poets, magazine editors, and publishers visit UIS every year to give readings and talks and lead workshops. English Department students have the opportunity to work closely with professionals in the field, gaining valuable insights into the business and practice of creative writing.

139 Credit for your past experience may help you earn a degree

You might already have great experiences in life as a volunteer or in the workplace. The good news is that UIS offers “credit for prior learning” in some cases in appropriate academic areas. Here are Frequently Asked Questions about this opportunity.

138 How students with disabilities can make the transition to college

Students with disabilities sometimes need special assistance to make the transition from high school to college or from another path in life to the university. UIS has an experienced staff and many resources to help these students make the transition and to help faculty and staff work with them.

132 Ospreys re-established with help of professor, students

Ospreys, a fish-eating bird of prey, are endangered in Illinois. So Dr. Tih-Fen Ting and UIS students are trying to get them re-established. The birds are being kept at Anderson Lake near Havana, Illinois. As adults, ospreys usually return to nest in the area where they were raised. The hope is that these chicks will do… Read More »