For our workshops and tutoring sessions, we use the resources below. Download these resources by clicking on the icons at the end of each topic to conduct your own tutorials. See the code for each icon below.

PowerPoint = PDF PowerPoint
handout = PDF Handout
quiz= PDF Quiz
letter A= Quiz Answer Key
recording = Audio Recording with Slide show

Contact us with any questions or if you want more information about our workshops or tutoring sessions.


  • Organizing and Revising Essays: PowerPoint handout quiz letter A recording
  • Pre-writing and Thesis Statements: PowerPoint handout quizrecording
  • Subject to Thesis: PowerPoint handout recording
  • Style Strategies: PowerPoint handoutquizletter Arecording
  • Planning, Organizing, Revising, and Editing: PowerPoint handout handout handout


  • 10 Deadly Sins of Writing: PowerPoint handout quizrecording
  • Active and Passive Voice: PowerPoint handoutquizletter Arecording
  • Grammar and Mechanics: PowerPointhandoutquiz recording


  • Commas, Colons, and Semicolons: PowerPoint handout quizletter Arecording
  • Dashes: handout
  • Parentheses: handout


  • Literature Review:PowerPoint handoutquizletter Arecording
  • Synthesizing Research: PowerPointhandoutquizletter Arecording
  • MLA Documentation Style (7th edition): PowerPoint handoutquizletter A
  • APA Documentation Style (6th edition): PowerPoint handoutrecording
  • Turabian (Chicago) Documentation Style (7th edition): PowerPoint handoutquiz
  • Avoiding Plagiarism: PowerPoint handout quizletter A

For Multilingual Students (ESL Resources)

  • Use of Modals in Academic Writing PowerPoint recording
  • 4 Simple Tips for Success in Any US Classroom PowerPoint recording
  • Writing a Paper in US StylePowerPoint
  • Preparing for a PresentationPowerPoint recording
  • Using Articles PowerPoint recording


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