Mathematics Workshop Series

The following are a list of workshop series:

  • PreCalc Series
    • PreCalc 1
    • PreCalc 2
    • PreCalc 3
    • Review for Calc
  • Mathematics Testing Series
    • GMAT – Mathematics Review
    • GRE – Mathematics Review
  • Other
    • Differentiation
    • Applications of Differentiation
    • Integration
    • Limit


On Campus Workshops

We offer on campus workshops to all current UIS students. On campus workshops provide students with a brief lesson of the topic. Then, students will apply the lesson through discussion and practice.

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Online Workshops

We offer online workshops to all current UIS students. We conduct online workshops using Blackboard Collaborate software. The online workshop will follow the same format as the on campus workshop with a brief lesson, discussion, and practice of the topic.

Pre-registration: Online workshops require pre-registration at least one week prior to the workshop date. Students can register for the workshop by sending an e-mail with the workshops title, date, and time to

After you participate in an online workshop, we’d appreciate if you could complete a brief six-question survey. Click here to begin survey.


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Semester Schedules

Please click on The Learning Hub’s Events Calendar for workshop dates and times.

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Flash Files and Handouts


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