Supplemental Instruction (SI)

The Learning Hub provides Supplemental Instruction (SI) for historically challenging courses. Supplemental Instruction at UIS is a program that offers small group study sessions led by a trained SI leader. The Learning Hub regularly offers SI sessions for the following courses (unless departments/The Hub agree SI isn’t needed):

  • BIO 141/241
  • CHE 103 (when offered)
  • CHE 141/142
  • CHE 267/269
  • ASP 201/202

 SI Schedule -

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 About SI

SI is a learning enhancement program designed to organize and improve the ways in which students prepare for class outside of class. SI is attached to subjects to provide students with a systematic and disciplined approach for processing the subject material assigned by the professor.

Through this program an SI leader is assigned to a subject. This is a student who has demonstrated proficiency in a targeted subject and undergoes training. The SI leader attends the class to keep up with the subject content being presented and to model effective student practices and attitudes. The SI leader schedules and conducts from two to five group meetings a week at times convenient to members of the class. During these sessions, the SI leader uses interactive learning strategies which encourage involvement, comprehension and synthesis of subject content. In addition, the SI leader will incorporate demonstrations of effective study techniques.

*Our SI model, training, and information on this website about SI comes from the University of Missouri in Kansas City.