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Online Tutoring

How to Make an Online Tutoring Appointment?

  • Call (217) 206-6503 or email and request an appointment to meet with a tutor.
  • Provide necessary information (see Appointments tab)
  • Inform the CTL which method of tutoring you prefer.

 Methods of Online Tutoring:

Course Sites Live Classroom

In a Course Sites Live Classroom online tutoring appointment, the tutor will work with you synchronously (live or at the same time). The CTL will schedule you and a tutor to meet at the same time. The tutor will then e-mail you at your UIS email address so you can enroll in our CTL Course Site. You will then access the Live Classroom session at your appointment time. For the session, you will need:

  1. View minimum requirements.
  2. Electronic version of your assignment (preferred)
  3. Electronic version of the instructions to your assignment (preferred)
  4. Computer Speakers turned on
  5. Microphone (optional)

First-Time Course Sites Users

Please follow the instructions below one day prior to your session.  The steps below will take approximately 30 minutes to complete.

  1. Complete the Orientation at Blackboard’s support web site. There are several resources available at this site or elsewhere online.
  2. View the UIS COLRS tutorial for Blackboard Collaborate

Blackboard Collaborate Support – Help Desk

 Self Tutorials

The CTL is in the process of creating different tutorial methods for students who want to teach themselves about specific topics. Click on the Tutorial links below to view several different tutorial methods about many different topics.


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