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Faculty Development Office


The Faculty Development Office (FDO) in the Center for Teaching and Learning offers resources and workshops focusing on teaching excellence. A faculty advisory board supports the FDO in its efforts. Faculty from all colleges are welcome to participate.

Advisory Board

Christopher Mooney

Cecilia Cornell

Scott Day

Kandice Pryor (ex-officio)

Lynn Pardie (ex-officio)


Workshop Schedule – Academic Year 2010-2011

  • Check with your dean’s office if your college has a faculty development program.
  • Please make sure to sign in on the attendance sheet when you attend a workshop!

What times work best for you to attend faculty development workshops? Complete our questionnaire to let us know.

Summer 2011 Workshop Series

Date Workshop Title Instructors
Monday, July 11, 1-2 pm “What’s Behind the Curtain (SmartBoards)” Kara McElwrath BRK 476
Monday, July 18, 1-2 pm “Using Technology to Grade/Comment on Papers More Efficiently” Kara McElwrath BRK 141B and online*
Monday, July 25, 12-1 pm “iPad Apps for Teaching and Learning” Kara McElwrath PAC Conference Room G and online*

*For online workshops, go to .

Fall 2010/Spring 2011 Workshop Series

Date Workshop Title Instructors
Friday, Aug. 27, 1:00-3:30 “Best Practices in Grading” Lynn Pardie, Karen Moranski PAC H
Thursday, Sept. 16, 1-2:30 pm “Foundations of Academic Advising: Building a Framework: Advising as a Teaching and Learning Process” NACADA webinar BRK 141A
Wednesday, Sept. 22,
12-1 pm
“Counseling, Disability, and Career Services at UIS: Essential Information for Faculty” (TAW) Judy Shipp, Tammy Craig, Suzy Woods PAC Conference Room C
Friday, Sept. 24,
12-2 pm
“Teaching Troubled Students: Campus Policy and Threat Assessment” (TAW) Judy Shipp PAC Conference Room F
Wednesday, Sept. 29,
12-2 pm
“Academic Advising at the Undergraduate Level: Aiming for Excellence” (TAW) Karen Moranski PAC Conference Room F
Friday, Oct. 1, 12:30-2 pm “When is a Counselor Not a Counselor” W. Scott Lewis PAC Conference Room F
Tuesday, Oct. 19,
12-1 pm
“Curriculum Structure and Course Approval Processes at UIS” (TAW) Karen Moranski PAC Conference Room H
Wednesday, Oct. 20, 12-1 pmFriday Oct. 29,
12-1 pm
“Academic Integrity Policy” (TAW) Karen Pressley, Juanita Ortiz, Jennifer Manthei Conference Room EConference Room G
Thursday, Nov. 18, 1-2:30 pm “Tips and Tools for Advising as a Teaching and Learning Process” NACADA webinar BRK 141A
Friday, Jan. 7,
1-2:30 pmWednesday, Feb. 9,
12-1 pm
“Annual Performance Reviews” (PPW) Deborah Anthony PAC Conference Room F
Monday, Jan. 31, 12-1 pm “Managing Expectations and Handling Challenging Students Online” (TAW) Ray Schroeder, Laurel Newman PAC Conference Room F
Tuesday, Feb. 22, 12-1 pm “Human Subjects Research: Tips for Navigating the IRB Process at UIS” (FRSW) Lynn Pardie PAC Conference Room F
Tuesday, Mar. 1,
9 am–12 pm
“Course Management 101: Working Effectively with Students” (TAW) Pinky Wassenberg, Deanie Brown UHB 2033
Tuesday, Mar. 8, 12-1 pm “Advising General Education Students” (TAW) Tammy Craig, Tarah Sweeting-Trotter, Bev Rivera, Barb Cass, Elizabeth Kosmetatou, Andy Egizi PAC Conference Room H
Tuesday, Mar. 29, 12-1 pm “Fair Use for Faculty: Copyright in the Physical and Digital Classroom” Christine Ross PAC 3C
Friday, April 1,
1 – 2 pm
“Supplemental Instruction at UIS” Kandice Pryor
Nicole Meismer
BRK 333
Tuesday, April 5, 12-1 pm “Advising Transfer Students” (TAW) Tammy Craig,
Tarah Sweeting-Trotter, Elizabeth Kosmetatou, Mary Sheila Tracy, Lynn Fisher, Andy Egizi
PAC Conference Room H
April 6, 1-4 pm
“Issues of Race and Acceptance in the Classroom” (TAW) Tim Wise PAC Conference Room H
Friday, April 8,
8:30-10:00 am
“Diversity Across the Curriculum: A Faculty Development Workshop”

Rev. Dr. Jamie Washington

PAC Restaurant
Monday, April 11,
11-12 pm
“What Do We Do Know: Navigating Financial Aid Suspensions through Academic Advising” Tarah Sweeting-Trotter, Dr. Gerard Joseph PAC Conference Room E
April 28, 12-1 pm
“Advising Graduate Students” (TAW) Tammy Craig, Denise Sommers, Cecilia Cornell PAC Conference Room H
TBD “Managing Diversity in the Classroom” (TAW) Deanie Brown PAC Conference Room F
TBD “AST Internships, Service-Learning, Prior Learning: EXS-L and ECCE Engagement” Jan Kirkham, Ross Garmil, and Kay Henriksen PAC Conference Room F
More workshops coming soon!

TAW = Teaching and Advising Workshops
PPW = Personnel Policies Workshops
FRSW = Faculty Research and Scholarship Workshops

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