Hedda Gabler

by Henrik IbsenHedda

  • 2005-2006 Season – Spring Production
  • April 13, 14, 15, and
  • April 21, 22, 23
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Play Description

One of Ibsen’s finest plays, HEDDA GABLER takes us to a 19th century Norwegian town, where one’s ideas are championed and not only define the social order of the day, but for some, cause driving ambitions which are not always kept under control.

A feminist ahead of his time, Ibsen is duly called the “father of modern drama.”

Cast and Crew

Many thanks to all who auditioned and/or applied for a position!


George Tesman Roger Boyd
Hedda Tesman (George’s wife) Aasne Vigesaa
Miss Julia Tesman (George’s aunt) Myaa Fallon1
Mrs. Elvsted Alicia Artner1
Judge Brack Patrick O’Brien
Eilert Lovborg Ed Barnett1
Berta (the Tesmans’ housekeeper) Becky Naus1


Director Eric Thibodeaux-Thompson
Stage Manager Adam Beaty1
Assistant Stage Manager Meredith Dumyahn1
Running Crew Amanda Joyce
Scenic Designer Todd Meyers
Technical Director Wes Abbott
Lighting Designer Tommy Aiello
Costume Designer Carolyn Neitzke
Assistant for Costumes Anne Finch1
Assistant for Costumes Janice Marvel

1-UIS Student