Clybourne Park


by Bruce Norris

Directed by Eric Thibodeaux-Thompson

Play Description

3 W, 4 M

Cast List

Winner of the 2011 Pulitzer Prize and the 2012 Tony Award, Bruce Norris’ CLYBOURNE PARK is a play which takes on the provocative issues of race, political correctness, and the changing social landscape in America, while still managing to make us laugh along the way. Act One takes place in 1959, in Chicago’s Clybourne Park neighborhood, as the community responds to a black family buying a house there. Act Two takes place in 2009, in the same house, as the next generation of this black family struggles to hold on to its sense of identity.

“Funny as hell . . . The theater shakes with gales of laughter.” –The New York Post

“Vital, sharp-witted and ferociously smart.” –The New York Times