Theatre Minor

Required Courses:

  • THE 108, Principles of Stagecraft*
  • THE 273, Principles of Acting*
  • THE 274, Intro to Theatre*
  • THE 475, Theatre Practicum
  • Plus 7 Theatre (THE) elective credit hours

Elective theatre courses:

  • THE 308 Principles of Theatre Design
  • THE 310 Topics in Theatre Production
  • THE 320 Topics in Dramatic Literature
  • THE 323 Voice and Movement
  • THE 325 Women Playwrights
  • THE 373 Intermediate Acting
  • THE 381 Theatre History I*
  • THE 476 Directing for the Theatre
  • THE 477 Playing Shakespeare

*Gen Ed classes

Interested in becoming a THEATRE MINOR? Talk with one of the 3 UIS Theatre professors: Eric Thibodeaux-Thompson ( or Missy Thibodeaux-Thompson ( or Dathan Powell (

For new students, ready to become a Theatre Minor:

Go to the UIS Registration & Records page (, click on “Forms” on the left, and fill out a “Change of Curriculum” form. (Under “New Curriculum Info—Minor 1”: click the drop-down menu and select THEATRE). Print it, sign it & bring it to Registration in UHB 1076.

For continuing/returning students:

In addition to the above “Change of Curriculum” form, you will also need to change your catalog year to ’10-’11 or a more recent year if you started at UIS after the ’10-’11 year, which you can do at the same “forms” page, with a “Student Petition” form. Simply click the drop-down menu next to “Type of Request” & click “Change of Catalog Year,” then fill in “Change to ’10-’11 catalog” or to a subsequent year if appropriate in the “rationale” box. This needs to be signed by your advisor and your department chair before sending it to the Records & Registration office.

The successful student completing a Theatre minor will learn theoretical and practical skills, both on and off stage. The UIS Theatre Minor Program focuses on the process of various theatre practitioners, while also investigating the theatre’s history and its current role in society.

Course Descriptions

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Course Schedule

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