UIS offers a Theatre Minor. All UIS students can take theatre coursework as electives or towards completion of a Theatre minor (18-19 hours). All Theatre courses are listed under “THE.”

By taking either THE 108 Principles of Stagecraft, THE 273 Principles of Acting, or THE 274 Introduction to Theatre, students can satisfy part of the General Education Visual, Creative, and Performing Arts requirement (or General Education Humanities requirement, for THE 274). All three courses are required for the Theatre Minor. Both THE 273 Principles of Acting and THE 274 Introduction to Theatre are usually offered each semester (Fall and Spring), and THE 108 Principles of Stagecraft is usually offered once per academic year.
By taking THE 381 Theatre History I, students may earn upper division Gen Ed credit. THE 381 Theatre History I is a Theatre Minor elective and is usually offered at least once every three years.

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