Teacher Education Minor

This minor has been approved for elimination, as it has now become a major.  Therefore, admissions to the minor have been suspended.  Please contact the Teacher Education Department with any questions.

The Teacher Education minor leads to recommendation for Illinois licensure at the secondary level when combined with an appropriate academic major, fulfillment of UIS and TEP general education requirements, other campus requirements, and requirements set by the Illinois State Educator Preparation and Licensure Board. 

Elementary Education candidates complete a concurrent major in an academic content discipline along with the Elementary Major. The TEP Program Advisor can help candidates select an appropriate concurrent major.  Secondary Education candidates major in a program that leads to recommendation for licensure in one of the following areas: English, mathematics, science (biology or chemistry), or social science (history, political science, or sociology/anthropology).

Candidates seeking a bachelor’s degree and teacher licensure should expect that their total program of study may exceed the minimum number of hours required for graduation.