Try the New UIS Star-Cycle Box – Share Your Spare Stuff

PURPOSE: Star-Cycle is intended to facilitate free and safe exchange of goods and products among our community of students, staff, and faculty.  Rather than throwing your stuff away, find it a new home using Star-Cycle and reduce our community’s contribution to landfills. This program was initiated by the UIS Committee on Sustainability and is monitored by the Committee on Sustainability. RULES AND GUIDELINES: To succeed, this program must be used responsibly by the UIS community.  To view available items or post an item for exchange, you must login with your UIS NetID and your password. See the link below. Keep in mind that inappropriate posts can be linked directly to the person responsible and appropriate disciplinary action may result! UIS maintains the authority to remove any post at any time.  Depending on the volume of traffic, we expect items to stay posted for 1 semester. ACCEPTABLE ITEMS (categories) FOR FREE EXCHANGE:

  • Electronics
  • Sports equipment
  • Furniture
  • Lightly used clothing (outerwear only)
  • Household items


  • Living things
  • Food
  • Weapons of any kind
  • Drugs or medications
  • Personal ads
  • Services or advertisements (e.g. babysitting)

  HOW TO POST AN ITEM FOR EXCHANGE:  Click on the “Star-Cycle” link below. You will be taken to the “box” login page where you will enter your NetID and password. Once you’ve logged in, click on the “Free-cycle” folder. Next, identify the subfolder where your item fits best and use the “upload button” at the top of the page to attach a document that includes a description and picture of your item, as well as your UIS email. Wait for someone to contact you. Please arrange to exchange your item during business hours in a public, high traffic place on campus. We suggest the Food Emporium in PAC. Be SMART and be SAFE! Please remove your item from the box free-cycle folder, once it has found a home! HOW TO FIND AN ITEM: Login as described above and look through the items posted. Then, email the appropriate person to arrange exchange. Click below to check out available items!