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Student Life University of Illinois Springfield

LEAD Requirements

Getting Started:
Want to participate? There are 2 ways:

  1. Attend an experience, get a feel for the program, and then fill out the interest survey to be assigned a leadership mentor, or
  2. Fill out the interest survey to be assigned a leadership mentor and then begin attending the program experiences.

View the program calendar here.

We recommend to start with the “Reflection 101″ and “What is leadership?” sessions.

Program Basics:

  • Work through at your own pace.
  • Work through a level at a time.
  • Meet with you leadership mentor at least once per semester.
  • Program Requirements may be met in different ways. For example: you might join a book club about values, but your friend might attend a workshop about values. There are different ways to meet the requirements, and the calendar shows you which requirements are offered and when.


LEAD Program Requirements