Registered Student Organizations

Registered Student Organizations

Registered Student Organizations (RSOs) must renew their registration with the Office of Student Life each academic year. If your organization is not listed and you believe this is in error, please contact the office at (217) 206-4762 to see where your organization stands in the registration process.



404 Society | To create awareness about Information Security

Primary Student Contact: Mohammad Ghasemisharif

Advisor: Janis Rose

Alpha Lambda Delta | The Society is to promote superior academic achievement among first-year students at The University of Illinois at Springfield.

Primary Student Contact: Jacob Hughes

Advisor: Leigh Brannan

Computer Science Club | A club for computer science activities

Primary Student Contact: Alex Ginglen

Advisor: Lucinda Caughey

Highway to US and Professional Development Student Association | Volunteer in organizing Welcome Party for the International Students at UIS. Volunteer with International Student Services to facilitate the check in process for international students.

Primary Student Contact: Roshini G Srinivasan

Advisor: Erika Suzuki

History Club at UIS | The goal of History Club at UIS is to bring history to life while at the same time encouraging students to learn about historical people, places, and events they may not have the opportunity to discuss in their classes.  HC welcomes all students inspired by and/or interested in history.  The club activities include field trips such as the Grant Army of the Republic Memorial Museum, hosting guest speakers on occasion, organizing speical ceremonies and assemblies for historic holidays or events, fundraising for philanthropic activities and community involvement, and organizing volunteer opportunities for academic or personal interests.

Primary Student Contact: Julia Grigsby

Advisor: Kristi Barnwell

PreHealth Society | The pre-health society strives to assist UIS students in becoming increasingly competitive in their application to health professional schools. The purpose of the organization shall be to make applicants to health affiliated graduate schools more competitive, to volunteer, to bring people with similar career goals in the health field together, to help members with stress, bring members together to share knowledge of opportunities relating to the graduate school application process, and to expose members to the health field.

Primary Student Contact: Isabel LyPayia

Advisor: Dr. Stephen Johnson

Pre-Law Society | The UIS Pre-Law Society (PLS) is a student organization which offers membership to any student interested in attending law school after graduating from UIS.

Primary Student Contact: Kaitlyn Murphy

Advisor: Suzanne Borland

Public Administration Student Association | PASA is a student-led organization committed to discussing and acting on issues of interest and concern to students of the UIS MPA program, thereby generating increased communication, cohesion, capacity, and culture in the UIS MPA program.

Primary Student Contact: Scott Kinsell

Advisor: Dr. Travis Bland 

Psychology Club/Psi Chi | Psychology club is open to all students at UIS. The mission of the club is to advance student’s professional development through research, fundraising, and volunteering with others on campus and in the community. Many students in Psychology Club are als members of PsiChi, an international honors society in psychology as a result of their high academic achievements

Primary Student Contact: Christina Sanchez

Advisor: Michele Miller

Public Health Club | The Public Health Club is a student organization on campus open to both graduate and undergraduate studentes. The club will provide students with opportunities to engage in profressional and social activities to nurture a sense of community service, heath advocacy and active involvement concerning world issues pertaining to public health

Primary Student Contact: Veenu Khubnani

Advisor: Lenore Killiam

Student Accounting Society | The Student Accounting Society (SAS) is a student club of accounting majors that provides students with the opportunity to develop a network with other students, alumni, and employers. It serves as a vehicle for providing feedback to faculty and the Accountancy program.

Primary Student Contact: Grant Weber

Advisor: Leonard Branson

Student Chapter of Association for Information Systems (SCAIS) | An official student chapter of AIS. We provide knowledge and promote Information Systems through various activities like Speaker Series, participation in competitions, and attend conferences.

Primary Student Contact: Dinesh Reddy Srirangapale 

Advisor: Te-Wei Wang

Young Professional Marketers of UIS (YPM) | An organization for students to develop professional and networking skills.

Primary Student Contact: Brittany Carls

Advisor: Jorge Villegas


African Student Association |  We are an organization that wishes to expose African culture to UIS campus through interactive means such as general body meetings, events, academics and social and communal involvement

Primary Student Contact: Rashidat Eleshim

Advisor: Josiah Alamu

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Black Male Collegiate Society | The Black Male Collegiate Society is an organization established to help the black male matriculate and grow throughout their college process.

Primary Student Contact: Norton Helton

Advisor: Justin Rose

Black Student Union | The Black Student Union seeks to educate, uplift, and empower the students of this university. We aim to do this through active social engagement, community service/volunteerism and an emphasis of academic success and scholastic achievement

Primary Student Contact: Grace Latimore

Advisor: Monique Williams

Chinese Student Assocation | Chinese Student Association at UIS is a student organization that is dedicated to help Chinese students in UIS and help others get to know the Chinese culture.

Primary Student Contact: Liyu Lydia Lei

Advisor: Hanfu Mi

Indian Student Organization | Share the culture of India with the UIS and Springfield communities through holiday celebrations, speakers, and welcome activities

Primary Student Contact: Nikhil Reddy Gudur

Advisor: Jonathan Goldberg

Indian Dance Organization | IDO is an organization providing cultural, social, and academic experience to Indian as well as other international students

Primary Student Contact: Vishal Patel 

Advisor: Jolene Vollmer

Indian Student Organization for Culturals | There are a lot of Indian festivals that we celebrate, ISO- Culturals help in organizing all the events and even help in orientation of new International Students.

Primary Student Contact: Lakshmi Puppala

Advisor: Ranjan Karri

International Student Association | International Student Association is an association providing diversity and cultural, academic, and social events to the international students

Primary Student Contact: Maricela Arce

Advisor: Erika Suzuki

Multicultural Male Society | A primarily multicultural male organization that is focused on community outreach and community engagement while holding the values of brotherhood, academics and professionalism

Primary Student Contact: Daniel Aguilar

Advisor: Justin Rose

Organization of Latin American Students (OLAS) | OLAS strives to promote education and student interests about Latino culture. Our objective is to facilitate the increase of Latin American students, staff and faculty; to enhance a positive atmosphere; to encourage or reinforce leadership among our Latin American students. Promote awareness, culture, and history of the Latin American students base here at the University of Illinois Springfield

Primary Student Contact: Cynthia Rodriguez-Garcia

Advisor: Sophia Gehlhausen

General Interest

Association for Women in Communication (AWC) Communications Club | Open to all students interested in communication topics and careers

Primary Student Contact: Emily Jankauski

Advisor: Rachel Lattimore

Casera Craft Organization | It is mainly related with paper craft; we make and teach quilling and card making

Primary Student Contact: Roshni Kovvuri

Advisor: Nicole Overcash

Clinical Lab Science | This club is open to any student who is interested in the Clinical Laboratory Science field.

Primary Student Contact: Kylee Higgason

Advisor: Deborah Baudler

Dancing Stars | The Dancing Stars is a general interest organization that is open to individuals who have a passion for dance. They combine a mixture of hip hop, poms, lyrical and more into their dances in order to keep the audience captivated. The group performs at a variety of events, such as Rip the Runway, and basketball games. They also strive to give back to the community by participating in numerous volunteer events.

Primary Student Contacts: Jessica Bayer and Kateria Walker

Advisor: Amy Spies

Japanime Springfield | Japanime Springfield is a dedicated organization consisting of students interesed in anime and nerd culture

Primary Student Contact: Bianca Bautista

Advisor: Shoon Lio

Kinky and Curly | The purpose of our group is to reconstruct societal definitions of beauty and transforming it into a celebration of uniqueness. This celebration will foster change in the way women look and feel towards themselves by addressing the root of women-esteem and our hair. We advocate for natural hair through fellowship, support, and education.

Primary Student Contact: Jamie Anderson

Advisor: Tiffani Saunders

Legacy Dance Team | Legacy Dance Team is a group of individuals who love to dance.

Primary Student Contact: Gella-Kate Meeks 

Advisor: Tiffani Saunders

Society for Human Resource Management at UIS – SHRM (PStarHR) | SHRM at UIS is an organization who’s goal is to introduce the field of Human Resources to up and coming business and management professionals. SHRM at UIS participates in local and national SHRM competitions and offers students an experience to gain valuable life knowledge and skills as well as to build their resume and network with members in the industry.

Primary Student Contact: Sarah Rowlands

Advisor: Donna Rogers

Spirit Team | The Spirit Team is similar to a pep squad. We attend athletic events & games. Plan and execute events! Ladies on our team also perform! However if you are not interested you can help with events! We are a learning team full of fun, school spirit at pumped up attitudes

Primary Student Contact: Natalie To

Advisor: Deanie Brown 

TARA (The Meditation Club)| Create a community of UIS people who meditate or wish to do so. This club can bring in videos and speakers as well as organize meditation activities and field trips.

Primary Student Contact: Siddharth Konduru

Advisor: Lynn Otterson


The Baking Club at UIS | The Baking Club spreads the love of baking across campus. This club collaborates with other organizations for bake sales and fundraising events. We also teach proper baking etiquette and learn and create new recipes.

Primary Student Contact: Michelle Haberstroh

Advisor: Nicole Overcash

The Royal Starettes Majorette Team | This organization should boost morale and spirit of school and school district. It should also develop character, leadership, and responsibility.

Primary Student Contact: Ciera Dantzler

Advisor: Justin Rose


College Republicans at UIS | The chapter of the College Republicans at UIS seeks to help elect and support Republican candidates and causes. The College Republicans at UIS have a strong history of involvement and in the community and political arena. We work alongside campaigns to knock doors, make calls, and attend events that further these candidates and causes. We regularly host prominent Republican elected officials and staffers to come and speak to our group. In addition, our organization meets to consider regualr business as well as produce featured events such as mock debates with our democrat counterparts and watch parities for televised Republican events.

Primary Student Contact: Nathan Hoffman

Advisor: Jason Pierceson

Mock Trial Team | The Mock Trial Team is part of the American Mock Trial Association (AMTA). We are given a case from AMTA each year; this year is a criminal case involving bribery. Both sides of the case are presented through evidence, witness affidavits, and case law. Students who participate in this organization act as either attorneys or witnesses “trying” the case at competitions against other schools around the area.

Primary Student Contact: Joshua Lawson

Advisor: Suzanne Borland

Model Illinois Government | MIG is an organization that models IL gov. once a year at the capitol complex downtown. We are a member of a state wide organization

Primary Student Contact: Patrick Simon

Advisor: Kenneth Owen

Young Americans for Liberty | Young Americans for Liberty is the only student organization that raises awareness of the importance of free markets and civil liberty. One cannot exist without the other. We discuss, among other topics, the need for criminal reform, reasonable occupational licensing, the end of civil forfeiture, and ending government interference in our private lives

Primary Student Contact: Emily Schmidt

Advisor: William Kline


Catholic Student Organization| Catholic Students Organization builds Christian community by encouraging Christ through faith, service, sacrement, and friendship. We provide an environment where all are welcome to know and experience the fullness and joyfulness of the gospel.

Primary Student Contact: Benita Ekwonwa

Advisor: David Bertaina

Chinese Bible Christian Student Assocation | The purpose is to witness to the students of UIS about the word of God. Our goal is to bring Chinese people from disserent background to a place where they can share a common belief, which is Jesus Christ, the Lord and Savior.

Primary Student Contact: Yadi Ke

Advisor: Hua Chen

Christian Student Fellowship | We are an organization that is dedicated to helping college students find their way back to God.

Primary Student Contact: Nella Coleman

Advisor: Dr. Keenan Dungey

Church of the Living God International (CLGI) Campus Ministry at UIS | Our purpose is to teach students about the Christian faith by leading them to Christ through bible study, as well as interweave religious elements into community volunteer activities.

Primary Student Contact: Destiny Pinnick

Advisor: Tiffani Saunders

Epic Praise for Christ |  We minister through Dance for Christ.

Primary Student Contact: Tyshianna Bankhead

Advisor: Tiffani Saunders

Springfield University Bible Fellowship (UBF) | We are a Chrisitan organization that worships, studies the Bible and shares the gospel. We are lovers of Christ and believe in the importance of telling others about him.

Primary Student Contact: Mike Jones

Advisor: Sue Alexander

Voices in Praise | VIP is to provide students, staff and faculty with rich cultureal & social outlets & the opportunity to sing gospel music

Primary Student Contact: Duane Willingham

Advisor: Sophia Gehlhausen


Alpha Phi Omega | Alpha Phi Omega is a co-ed service fraternity founded on the principles of Leadership, Friendship & service. We welcome all who are interested in volunteering and giving back to the community

Primary Student Contact: Marissa Farris


Advisor: Mark Dochterman

Alternative Spring Break | Alternative Spring Break at UIS is a week long service experience that takes place during Spring Recess, usually in mid-March. Students travel off campus, have the opportunity to make an impact with a national reach, and bring valuable and sometimes life changing experiences back to Illinois with them

Primary Student Contact: Brittani Provost

Advisor: Mark Dochterman


American Red Cross at UIS | The American Red Cross prevents and alleviates human suffering in the face of emergencies by mobilizing the power of volunteers and the generosity of donors.

Primary Student Contact: Alyse Borla

Advisor:  Mark Dochterman


Dance Marathon at UIS | Dance Marathon is a nationwide movement at more than 250 schools across the country, all raising money for the Children’s Miracle Network Hopsital in their community. All of the money that is fundraised at the Dance Marathon at UIS, will go to St. John’s Children’s Hospital that is located in Springfield. Last year, we fundraised around $5,000 at our very first Dance Marathon. This event is ultimately “For The Kids”, but it also gives college students an experience they may never have. This year our event will be on March 4th of 2016, from 4pm-12am in TRAC!

Primary Student Contact(s): LeAnna Kehl and Sophia Matthews

Advisor: Mark Dochterman


Social Greek

Cygnets | We are the interested women of Gamma Phi Omega International Sorority Inc. Gamma Phi Omega unites women in the principles of achieving academic excellence, serving the community, preserving the sacred bond of sisterhood and advancing a cultural awareness among latinos and those in our global communities.

Primary Student Contact: Liliana Marquez

Advisor: Sophia Gehlhausen

Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Inc (Mu Eta Chapter) | The Mu Eta Chapter of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Inc. is a social-service greek letter organization. Founded on the principles of brotherhood, scholarship, and service this chapter strives to beter the UIS community, both on and off campus. Through social activities and service oriented projects, our goal as an organization is to develop young men into leaders on campus and in their daily lives and to benefit the communities around us as a service to the people.

Primary Student Contact: Malcolm Bennet 

Advisor: Deanie Brown


Phi Kappa Tau, Zeta Zeta Chapter | The mission of Phi Kappa Tau is to champion a lifelong commitment to brotherhood, learning, ethical leadership and exemplary character.

Primary Student Contact: David Sye

Advisor: James Koeppe

Upsilon Xi, Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc. | Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. Develops leaders, promotes brotherhood and academic excellence, while providing servie and advocacy for our communities.

Primary Student Contact: Benjamin Webb

Advisor: Dr. Clarice Ford