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Welcome to the University of Illinois at Springfield, Division of Student Affairs.

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Career Services
The Career Development Center provides individualized services to educate our diverse student and alumni population, addressing career development and job search needs. Providing professional career counseling and current career guidance resources, CDC promotes a greater awareness of the world of work and the need to view career development as a lifelong process.


Child Care Center
The Cox Children Center provides a model of high quality early education and care in a safe, nurturing environment for children of students, employees and community.


Disabilities Services
Disability Services provides academic accommodations to students with documented disabilities and to assist students in succeeding in college-level courses by empowering them through a variety of support services.


Health Services
Health Services provides cost effective, comprehensive, accessible, professional health care to the campus community and provide preventive services and resources that support participation in health care, enabling individuals to recognize health as a comprehensive state over which they have control.


International Student Services
International Student Services provides support services for international students.


Personal Counseling
Counseling Center provides supportive services for students and employees. Confidential counseling is provided to address the personal concerns of students and employees in a safe and private environment, counseling and outreach programming that address issues of concern to students including stress and time management, depression, substance abuse, conflict resolution, communication skills and relationship concerns.


Student Employment
The Office of Financial Assistance aspires to ensure access to and affordability of an UIS education. We are committed to service excellence in our interaction with students and families and in assisting them seek funding to meet their educational goals. We strive to be fair, objective and professional in our dealings with all of our students in support of the University’s goals of enrolling and graduating a highly talented and diverse student body. We are dedicated to providing for the proper stewardship and fiduciary responsibility of all federal, state, institutional and private funding.


Volunteer and Civic Engagement Center
Student Volunteers and Civic Engagement provides services and learning to social justice and civic engagement while fostering responsive, reciprocal partnerships between students, faculty, staff and community.


Annual Reports
Click on the links below for a look at the annual reports of the Division of Student Affairs.