Student Policies, Reports and Procedures

  • Alcohol and Other Drugs – A Policy and Resource Guide for UIS Students and Employees (pdf) – A Policy and Resource Guide for Students and Employees at the University of Illinois at Springfield
  • Campus Safety Policy and Resource Guide for UIS Students and Employees (pdf) – The University is committed to providing the safest environment possible for work and study. Part of that commitment involves providing information about campus security to current as well as prospective students and employees. This report, prepared in compliance with the Crime Awareness and Campus Security Act of 1990, outlines the University’s security policies and discloses campus crime statistics.
  • Campus Safety Policy For Students with Disabilities (pdf) – The Office of Disability Services (ODS) at the University of Illinois, Springfield provides academic accommodations for students registered in the office who have provided the appropriate documentation to justify the academic accommodations requested.    We serve students who register with our office by providing them with resources on campus for their academic success.   We are also interested in the safety of our students on campus.
  • Drug and Alcohol Policy – A complete copy of UIS’ drug prevention policy and program may be obtained from either the vice chancellor for Student Affairs or the associate vice president for Human Resources.
  • Parental Notification Policy – The decision to give parental notification will be based on factors such as the student’s prior judicial history, the severity of the alleged incident, and other relevant circumstances.
  • UIS Peer-to-Peer Compliance Plan: Higher Education Opportunity Act (HEOA) – Plan for Combatting the Unauthorized Distribution of Copyrighted Material by Users of UIS Network
  • UIS Annual Security and Fire Safety Report – This report includes crime statistics and residence hall fire statistics for the past three years also includes institutional policies concerning campus security and other crime prevention information.  The report is intended to promote your own awareness of safety, to learn about campus resources regarding prevention of and responses to certain incidents and crimes, and to make our safe campus an even safer place.
  • Student Conduct Code – The Code covers disciplinary action initiated or taken against a student.  Disciplinary action may be initiated for proscribed conduct occurring on property owned or controlled by the Campus or conduct in the course of participating in a Campus-sponsored program or project.
  • Student Emergency and Referral Procedures -The University of Illinois expects and encourages students to maintain reasonable care for their own well-being. Students who threaten or attempt suicide,engage in efforts to prepare to commit suicide, or express a preoccupation with suicide are required to attend four sessions of professional assessment at the UIS Counseling Center or with an external licensed mental health professional. Requests to meet the four session requirement through an external licensed mental health professional must be approved by the Counseling Center.
  • The Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crimes Statistics Act Report – Annual Security and Fire Safety Report for 2013 Published in the year 2014 – This information is provided in compliance with federal law, known as the Clery Act, and the Illinois Campus Security Enhancement Act.

From the Office of Access and Equal Opportunity:

  • Human Rights Policy – As an institution dedicated to the improvement of the human condition collectively and individually through higher education, the University of Illinois at Springfield is fully committed to human rights in all of their various forms. This policy of human rights is adopted in pursuit of the realization of this commitment.
  • Sexual Harassment Policy – The University of Illinois at Springfield will not tolerate sexual harassment and is committed to providing and preserving an atmosphere free from harassment in any form. All employees and students have the right to work and study in an environment free from sexual harassment. Sexual harassment is a violation of professional ethics and impedes the primary function of a university.
  • UIS TITLE IX Policy – Policy For Awareness and Prevention of Sex Discrimination, Sexual Harassment and Sexual Misconduct, Including Sexual Assault
  • Intercultural Competency – Culture as Context – context can elevate our interactions from a place of judgment to a place of understanding. It immerses us in the experience of others from their perspective and enhances our critical thinking skills. It takes us beyond sampling food, music, attire, language, art and architecture, towards a shared appreciation for the humanity of all.