Division Programming Components

Student Affairs Programming Philosophy:

Guided by the philosophy, “Students First,” we seek to create and provide programs based upon five essential themes: Culture & Diversity, Service & Engagement, Social, Academic & Professional, and Wellness. Students will have opportunities to grow as individuals who exhibit social responsibility and awareness, an appreciation for diverse communities, and a desire to pursue lifelong learning and development.

Through collaborative efforts, both internal and external, we will develop programming designed to meet the needs of students. Programs will be assessed on an on-going basis in order to continuously improve our ability to enrich the whole student.

Student Affairs Programming Committee Goals

  • Improve fiscal responsibility by reducing event duplication
  • Sponsor fewer but more intentional and successful events
  • Broaden collaboration between departments in the planning, programming and assessment of events
  • Improve morale/decrease staff burnout through a more efficient programming process
  • Strengthen the sense of community within the members of the Student Affairs division
  • Design programming opportunities which address all dimensions of wellness for students




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