Division Information

  • Remarks from Dr. Clarice Ford, Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs
  • Division of Student Affairs Fall 2016 Initiatives – The UIS Wellness Initiative and the National Building Coalition Institute were introduced this year as the new initiatives in the area of Student Affairs. Please continue to familiarize yourself with our University-wide Strategic Plan, the UIS Student Affairs Mission Statement and Goals, and related information at www.uis.edu/studentaffairs in order to learn more about the UIS Division of Student Affairs and the multi-faceted services staff across campus provide.
    • NCBI – The National Building Coalition Institute
      • NCBI  is an international non-profit leadership development network dedicated to the elimination of racism and other forms of oppression. Rooted in an understanding of individual, community, and systemic change, NCBI leaders work with public and private organizations to further:
        • Cultural competence,
        • Collaboration and partnerships,
        • Effective relationships within and across group identities.

        UIS will soon offer two NCBI programs: the Prejudice Reduction Workshop and the Controversial Issues Process Workshop.

        Prejudice Reduction Workshop: This award-winning workshop consists of a series of incremental, participatory activities that empower individuals of all ages and backgrounds to take leadership in building inclusive communities in their workplaces and neighborhoods. It teaches people, for example, to celebrate their similarities and differences and recognize the misinformation that people have about various groups. For information:  http://www.uis.edu/diversitycenter/programs/ncbi/


    •      UIS Wellness Wheel – The UIS Wellness Initiative is a campus-wide effort to educate and promote wellness in all aspects of life. Campus welness wheel 4Recreation and several other departments have come up with nine dimensions: spiritual, environmental, financial, physical, emotional, nutritional, occupational, intellectual, and social. This wellness effort will be coordinated through UIS Connection, where each member of any organization or department that submits an event will be asked if they would like their event to be considered for inclusion in the UIS Wellness Initiative.
    • At each wellness event, students, faculty, and staff must swipe in with their UIS i-card in order for that individual to be given the credit for being at the event and get their “checked box” for that wellness dimension. Recently during our Student Affairs Retreat, we discussed the four learning domains including Cognitive Skills, Resiliency & Practical Skills; Intrapersonal & Interpersonal Development; and Diversity & Social Responsibility. Each session was built on these four domains. It is important as educators to remember based on these four learning domains. Blooms and Krathwohl’s taxonomy (1956, 2002) was used to write the divisional learning statement and goals for this school year.