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Minor in Sociology

The minor in sociology at the University of Illinois at Springfield is designed for students who are interested in gaining a greater understanding of the social and cultural organization and interaction of human group life, and the ways by which people maintain and sustain themselves, in small groups, societies, or internationally. It is open to students in any field other than sociology/anthropology.

Its objectives are to acquaint students with the social theories governing human group life and its complex interactions, behaviors and structures; to provide the requisite insight and skills to investigate the social world; to promote the understanding that human creations are products of ongoing social worlds; and to improve critical thinking and writing skills.

There are no prerequisites for the minor, although one lower-division course in introductory sociology is recommended.

To earn a minor in sociology, students must complete a minimum of 16 hours from the following required and elective courses.

  • Core courses (These courses should be taken first, when possible.)
    SOA 405 Sociocultural Theory 4 hours (We highly recommend that you have taken Introduction to Sociology and one other course in sociology/anthropology before you take Sociocultural Theory).
    SOA 411 Social Research Methods 4 hours (We highly recommend that you have taken Introduction to Sociology or Social problems).
  • Electives (at least 8 hours of sociology content courses in the SOA curriculum, with at least one 400-level course)

A minimum of 8 hours of upper-division course work must be taken at UIS. Eight hours of upper-division transfer credit may be accepted.

Elective courses that can be counted toward the Sociology minor include:

  • SOA 221 Social Problems 3 hours
  • SOA 222 American Society 3 hours
  • SOA 223 Sociology of the Family 3 hours
  • SOA 231 ECCE: Cultural Diversity in the U.S.  3 hours
  • SOA 301 ECCE: Women, Gender & Society 4 hours
  • SOA 321 Juvenile Delinquency 4 hours
  • SOA 325 Latina/o USA 4 hours
  • SOA 408 Feminist Theories 4 hours
  • SOA 421 Criminological Theory 4 hours
  • SOA 425 Law and Inequality 4 hours
  • SOA 431 Sociology of Organizations 4 hours
  • SOA 432 ECCE: Language, Culture and Education 4 hours
  • SOA 435 ECCE: Immigrants, Public Opinion, and Public Policy 4 hours
  • SOA 441 ECCE: Global Social Stratification
  • SOA 442 Mexican Migration to the U.S., 4 hours
  • SOA 451 Women of Color and Minority Women 4 hours
  • SOA 452 Sociology of Gender 4 hours
  • SOA 453 Women Across Cultures 4 hours
  • SOA 454 Family Law 4 hours
  • SOA 457 Masculinities 4 hors
  • SOA 458 ECCE: Global Social Change and Transnational Movements
  • SOA 461 Social Psychology 4 hours
  • SOA 464 Sociology of Mental Health/Illness 4 hours
  • SOA 474 Jamaican Society 4 hours
  • SOA 480 Topics: Sociology of Work & Occupations 4 hours (online)
  • SOA 480 Topics: Dance and American Culture
  • SOA 563 Sociology of Death, Dying, and Bereavement 4 hours
  • Any other electives with sociology content — consult Sociology faculty

Sociology faculty:

  • Shoon Lio (SOA)
  • Tiffani Saunders (SOA)
  • Mohammed Shahidullah (SOA)
  • Ryan Williams (CRJ)