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Minors in Anthropology

In addition to an interdisciplinary sociology/anthropology major, the Sociology/Anthropology Program at UIS offers a minor in anthropology and a minor in sociology.

The minor in anthropology is designed for students who are interested in gaining a greater understanding of human origins and the various ways of life humans have developed. The anthropology minor is open to students in any field other than sociology/anthropology. Its objectives are to acquaint students with human evolution and the variety of human cultures past and present, to enhance theoretical and analytical understanding of human origins and the similarities and differences among cultures, and to improve critical thinking and writing skills.


There are no prerequisites for the minor, although one lower-division course in anthropology and one in biology are recommended.

To earn a minor in anthropology, students must complete a minimum of 16 semester hours, including the required core courses SOA 302 and 304 plus at least 8 hours of anthropology content courses.

  • Core courses – required for the Anthropology minor. (These courses should be taken as early as possible in your sequence of anthropology courses at UIS.)
    SOA 302 Understanding Other Cultures 4 hours
    SOA 304 Human Evolution: Biological and Cultural 4 hours
  • Electives (at least 8 hours anthropology content courses, with at least one 400-level course)

A minimum of 8 hours of upper-division course work must be taken at UIS. Appropriate lower-division course work may be used to satisfy the requirement for SOA 302 and/or 304, but the hours must be replaced by upper-division elective courses so that the minor includes a minimum of 16 hours of upper-division credit.

Elective courses that can be counted toward the Anthropology minor include:

  • SOA 205 Introduction to Archaeology 3 hours*
  • SOA 231 Cultural Diversity in the U.S. 4 hours
  • SOA 304 Human Evolution: The Biological and Cultural 4 hours
  • SOA 335 Jazz in American Culture 4 hours
  • SOA 372 ECCE: Nature, History and Human Action 3 hours
  • SOA 408 Feminist Theories (WMS 411) 4 hours
  • SOA 411 Social Research Methods 4 hours
  • SOA 426 Teen Talk
  • SOA 428 Culture, Health, and Power 4 hours
  • SOA 453 Women Across Cultures (WMS 453) 4 hours
  • SOA 472 European Prehistory 4 hours
  • Any other electives with anthropology content — consult anthropology faculty

*Optional 4th hour available for SOA 205

Anthropology faculty:

  • Heather Dell (WGS/SOA)
  • Lynn Fisher (SOA)
  • Sharon Graf ( SOA)
  • Jennifer Manthei (SOA)
  • Hinda Seif (SOA/WGS)
  • Yona Stamatis (AMT)
  • Terrence Martin (Illinois State Museum)