Dane Vincent

dane vincent sga uisHometown: Jacksonville, Illinois
Major:  Legal Studies with a Minor in Criminal Justice
Year in school: Senior
SGA Position: Internal Vice President

Why did you run for SGA?

I was impressed by the way the previous Transfer Senator prompted a resolution to a problem I was having on campus. I felt that my passion to other students would be best served through SGA, so I ran.

What are your goals for the upcoming year on SGA?

Currently I am working on several items for the university:

  • Know Your Rights – This will be used to give all current and incoming students to campus a generalized idea of what to expect with regards to privacy and living in campus housing.
  • Increased Parking for East Side Residents/Tennis Courts – upon completion of the renovation to the East Side Residences there was an unforeseen issue that arose with lack of viable parking spaces. This plan would remove the antiquated (and in disrepair) east side tennis courts to allow for additional parking for students migrating to the newly renovated apartments. The other side of this would be to coincide with the master plan for the school, and work to find funding for the construction of new tennis courts.
  • Student Evaluation – Currently evaluations are only offered in paper format near the end of the 16 week session of classes. This overhaul would bring the school into a more contemporary line with evaluations being offered online for all students (not just those of an online specific base). Also, I am looking for a way to offer feedback to the school which addresses the reasons behind why a student choses to withdraw or drop a class.
  • iCard Expansion – Lastly, I will be working to determine if iCard can be integrated with Springfield Mass Transit. Moving towards a plan that would mirror UIUC with their iCard function as a bus pass for students.

What other organizations/activities are you involved with at UIS?

Academic Technology Committee, Housing Committee, and Campus Senate.

What is your favorite thing about UIS?

The location is nice, just far enough off the beaten path. I like that faculty know who you are rather than random UIN and have no problem helping students stay on target and help with goals and aspirations.

What are your career aspirations?

My biggest aspiration would be to continuing using the degree I earn in the spring and head to law school where I would eventually become a public defender.