Student Union


In April 2012, UIS students voted overwhelmingly for the construction of a Student Union. The Student Government Association of University of Illinois Springfield. When built this much-needed facility would likely include (based on a recent campus-wide student survey) enhanced dining choices, a game room, lounge and study spaces, a pub-like restaurant, student organization space, large multi-purpose room, and outdoor gathering areas. The Offices of the Student Government Association, Student Organizations and Office of Student Life would also be in the new facility. Since state funds cannot be used to construct a Student Union, the building will be funded entirely through student fees and donations. However, these fees would not begin until the Student Union Building is open. We are anticipating the Student Union would be completed by Spring, 2016. The Student Government Association is committed to seeing this project through to fruition with a student union building of the students, by the students, and for the students.

For more information please visit the student union website.