Current SGA Initiaves

Below are various intitiatives that are being pushed in the SGA. Not all of these initiatives reflect all members of the SGA opinion. All topics below are currently being discussed by the SGA.

Supporting the Addition of Required Townhall Meetings

Communicating with students is the most important job of the SGA.  In order to ensure that we, as the official governing body of the student body, are effectively during our job  we should be communicating with as many students as we can throughout the entirety of the year.  This is why I proposed Resolution 1, which will mandate the SGA to hold at least one townhall a month.  This will give students an opportunity to speak with their SGA representatives outside of the usual Sunday night SGA meetings.

Sponsor: Student Trustee Jamaal Hollins

Elimination of Term Requirement for Presidential and Internal Vice-Presidential Candidates

UIS is a small campus with an abundance of leadership opportunities.  I proposed eliminating the current sitting requirement for the offices of SGA President and Internal Vice-President due to the limited pool of candidates that are eligible for those offices.  It is very possible for students, after completing two semesters, to hold those offices successfully without having held a previous position on Student Government.  UIS encourages involvement and active roles in leadership, therefore this resolution allows any candidates with different experiences to run for the leading position of the student body.

Sponsor: External Vice-President Quinlan


Reorganization, Consolidation, and Creation of Student Government Association Committees

Currently all of the committees of the Student Government Association are placed in the constitution and bylaws.  When a committees role must be changed or a permanent standing committee must be added it must go through constitutional referendum.  Due to the nature of referendums and the time period at which they can be conducted it becomes extremely difficult for our committee structure to change.  Resolution 5 removes several committees from the constitution that are not pivotal to the self governance of the Student Government Association.  Several committees however are pivotal and should not be taken lightly; therefore those committees will remain in the constitution.

Resolution 6 and 7 rename the Governmental Affairs Committee as well as the Committee on Committees.  Both the scopes of these two committees are limited and the roles of both the chairs, the External Vice-President and Internal Vice-President, expand beyond the duties of the two committees.

Resolution 8 aims at consolidating and creating committees.  Currently the Student Government Association has a Housing Committee and a Food Service Committee.  Both committees focus on two very specific aspects of UIS.  Both of those committees are located in the division of Student Affairs along with various other departments like the diversity center, career services, and admissions.  This resolution will eliminate the Housing Committee and the Food Service Committee in order to absorb them in to a newly created Student Affairs Committee.  This will broaden the scope of the Student Government Association.  This resolution will also created an Academic Affairs Committee as well as an Administrative Affairs Committee in order to handle issues that were previously not under the purview of any other committee.

Sponsors: Internal Vice-President Dane Vincent and Student Trustee Jamaal Hollins

 Supporting the Purchase of Software at UIS

Currently, members of the UIS faculty are currently looking in to the possibility of purchasing special software that would not only benefit the university, but it will also benefit students.  The university is currently looking at three software products with the intent on purchasing one.  The main function that the university wants out of the software it purchases is the ability to create co-curricular transcripts.  The three pieces of software share common functions, but also share many differences.  Below are the three pieces of software that the university is currently looking at.


Sponsors: Student Trustee Jamaal Hollins and Senator Paige Heiser