99 Problems and You Can Fix One


Most recently the SGA conducted a campaign called “99 Problems and You Can Fix One”.  This campaign was a three week long campaign which sought student’s ideas, issues, concerns, ideas, and proposals regarding UIS.  Through an online form students, faculty, and staff were able to submit any of these subjects to the SGA for review.  The SGA received a total of 60 responses as a result of the campaign.  The overall goal of this campaign was to trying to raise awareness of the SGA as well as address some of the subjects brought up by the UIS community.

As a result of this campaign, the SGA has already begun looking in to many of the responses.  Issues such as parking and campus safety have already begun to be addressed with many more subjects to come.  The SGA hopes that the UIS community will still be able submit feedback to us so that we may better help UIS become a better place.   The form will be live all year (link below) and as always the SGA hopes that any member of the UIS community will approach members of the SGA with any matter they may have to discuss.


View the raw submissions here.

 99 Problems Official Responses!