Fall 2012 SGA Election

Senator to the College of Education and Human Services

  • Blake Johnson

Transfer Student Senator

  • Dane Vincent
  • Elizabeth Bagwell
  • Alimyon Allen

Undergraduate Student Senator

  • Dan Mazzuca
  • Justin Keenan

Freshman Student Senator

  • William C. Newton
  • Benjamin Johnson
  • Aretha Hughes
  • Dominique Wilson
  • Brian Geiger

Online Student Senator

  • Barbara Matthews
  • Richard C. Baskall

Graduate Student Senator

  • Ying Liu

Senator At-Large (2 positions)

  • Samia Ahmad
  • David Jones
  • Joseph McGee

Senator to the Peoria Campus

  • Open

Elections will begin September 19th at 10am and conclude September 20th at 4pm.

UIS students can vote online with their UIN or at a polling station in Stars Lounge.


Fall 2011 SGA Election Results

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Previous Constitution (approved April 20, 2011)

Previous Constitution (approved May 3, 2009)

Justification for Constitutional Amendments