Joe McGee – Candidate President

My name is Joe McGee and I am running for SGA President. I have served two years previously on SGA and found a passion for being the voice for my constituents. Throughout my two years I was a big advocate for the Student Union and came up with the shirt design people are wearing around campus. This will be something I will continue to work on and make sure it is for the students. I believe in two basic principles that can strenghten this school. First, I believe that the SGA involvement at this school can always improve and with this improvement we can better this campus. For instance, I advocate for our representatives go to multiple student organization meetings a month. I want this to occur as I believe that if we go to the student organizations we can become more in touch with the students. When this occurs, we become less about student government and more about the students. This plays into my second belief that we can increase the amount of town-hall meetings. Simply put, we work for one thing: the student body. If elected, I will make sure that senators and e-board staff will always make a concerted effort to reach out to the student body, I want it to be known that the students can also contact us. This will also increase a sense of accountability to the SGA members as when this communication occurs transparency will be sure to increase. There are a few other concerns I would like to tackle that I think will make UIS a better campus  for future students.