Darlene Jackson – Candidate Student Trustee

I have been an active student on the UIS campus for a total of four years. During this time I have had the privilege of learning from my fellow leaders and peers. Developing leadership, communication, and administrative skills are just a few of the things that I have gained as an active and engaged student on this campus. Because I have learned so much from this institution, I am excited to assist in the development of others at UIS. As an active member of the UIS community, I find joy in making the lives of students pleasant through my hard work. This is just one of the trends that I am hoping to continue as I strive to become the UIS student representative to the board of trustees.

I have three years of experience in representing the student body to administration and advocating for the true needs and desires of my peers. My leadership background has prepared me for this position and it will be shown in every aspect of my work and accomplishments within this new role. As a student representative, I find it imperative to empower every student and assist them in accomplishing their unique goals on this campus because I believe student empowerment is a key aspect to a thriving campus environment. Additionally, as student trustee I would work on strengthening the community to ensure that every student feels a sense of belonging.  In every decision made, I would guarantee that the interest of the student is considered first as I make appropriate financial decisions. I hope to be the next student representative to the board of trustees for UIS and I know with the help of the students we can continue its great legacy.