Hannah Cave – Candidate Student Trustee

My name is Hannah Cave, and I am running to be your next Student Representative to the Board of Trustees. I am a Global Studies and Secondary Education student going into my senior year. In my time at UIS, I have had the opportunity to be involved with many student organizations, committees, service projects, and leadership roles on campus. These experiences have given me a greater understanding of how UIS works. I pride myself in the relationships I have developed with much of the student body, faculty members, and administrators in my time at UIS, and I work hard to maintain those relationships every day. These relationships are why I care deeply about the future of UIS. As Trustee, I will represent the student body to the best of my ability.

As the Student Trustee, I will bring the concerns of the students to the Board of Trustees, ensuring all students’ voices are heard. I will work to address the issues our campus faces to achieve results. Student satisfaction and academic success is highly important to me, and as a future educator, I see no better place to start than by helping college students succeed. I will devote myself to focusing on the needs of our students.

I want to encourage student success on campus, increase opportunities for student leadership, and further the connections between UIS and Springfield in order to give students a home away from home. I will work to create a strong sense of belonging for all students. I will create a committee to advise me on the issues important to the student body, so that I can communicate with students ensuring your concerns are addressed. I look forward to representing you as Student Trustee. Thank you for your support, and I hope to earn your vote!