Peyton Bernot – Candidate Student Trustee

My name is Peyton Bernot and I am seeking to be elected as your representative to the U of I Board of Trustees. As my senior year approaches me, I am pursuing a degree in political science here at UIS, where I have been attending since my freshman year in 2011 prior to graduating Gillespie High School that same year.  I am a commuter student that lives in Benld, IL in Macoupin County just south of Springfield along I-55, 40 minutes away.

When I was 18 years old and still in high school I ran for simultaneous offices in my community; Gillespie Community Unit School District #7 Board of Education and Benld City Council, defeating both incumbents and still serving in both capacities today.  On the Benld City Council I serve as the Chairman of the Finance Committee.  I recently ran a failed bid for Mayor of my city losing by a mere 74 votes out of the largest turnout in any election in recent history.  Aside from being a publicly elected official and a student, I am a business man that is a property investor while making investments in the stock market.  I would say the three greatest achievements since I have been elected to the aforementioned offices are the state of the art school that was just built in my community as, an initiative by me to cut the pay of the council members in Benld, and keeping the City’s budget and finances in the black.

I currently am an intern with the Illinois Petroleum Council and the Chemical Industry Council where I see and talk to legislators on a daily basis.  I have the demonstrated capabilities and leadership abilities of a representative for you on a board that oversees the policy of a state wide system that is publicly funded. One issue to mention is I have and will continue to encourage the state to increase the funding for MAP.  It is critical that state governments as well as the federal government keep investing more and more into K-12 and higher education for the future of our country and our state.   It is vital for you, the student, to have a representative on the BOT that will not only address the concerns of the student body, but that will voice his or her concerns about policy and U of I issues as it relates to the BOT.  It is for the progression of you and the University of Illinois as a whole that you have a representative that is not running to build his or her resume, but will provide quality representative leadership to the students of this University and to maintain and to yield more progressive policy initiatives the BOT has established thus far.