Makilah Alexander – Candidate Secretary

Important issues that I would like to address as Secretary are certain aspects of Food Services, the lack of networking between student organizations, and improve the SGA’s outlook upon the campus in ways of improving town hall attendance.  I would also take the time to ask voters what they would reasonably like to change, as well as work on issues with fellow leaders on campus. It is truly important to address issues that affect everyone on campus. Food service is not just about providing food, but a civil experience, I feel hospitality is seriously lacking in food service overall. UIS is comprised of multiple student lead organizations and I believe it is in the campus’s best interest to unify as many as possible. Town halls are a great way for SGA to have opinions on what needs to be done as well as organizations to hear how they can help. Even though UIS is great campus, there is always room for improvement and I would like to be a part of that movement.