Springfest 2017

Springfest 2017 will be the 25th annual Springfest. It will take place April 15th-22nd

Springfest 2017 Rule Packet


Scavenger Hunt Results

The ranking for Scavenger Hunt on 4/17 including the items collected and the photo/video submissions. This does not include any deductions, bonus points, service project shift points, etc. This is only the ranking for Scavenger Hunt and is not a total Springfest point standing.  Ranked scoring goes from 50 points downwards.  For example 1st place receives 50 Springfest Points, 2nd Place Receives 49 Springfest Points, 3rd Place Receives 48 Springfest Points, 4th place receives 47 Springfest Points and so on. 

1 – Bubble Buddies

2 – Outta Sync

3 – The Smelly Cats

4 – The Looney Tunes

5 – Pulp PhiKTion & Team Rocket

7 – Squad Meets World & Squirtle Squad

9 – Destiny’s Children

10 – The Fresh Princes

11 – The Patrick Stars

12 – Softball Stars

13 – All That

14 – The One Where the Freshmen Win & E=MC Hammer

16 – The Bone Salads & The Rugrats & One Hit Wonders

19 – Now That’s What I Call Springfest

20 – The Magic School Bus

21 – Roadrunners

22 – Beanie Babies & The Holiday Armadillos

24 – Nintendo 69ers

25 – TLC

26 – Stars Made in the 90s

27 – The BBs

28 – The Cream Team & The Furbinators

30 – Supersonic Power Rangers

31 – Old Monks & Silent Assassins

33 – Alien Vikings

34 – F.R.I.E.N.D.S & Blackjack Bulls

36 – Telugu Titans

37 – The Rapters

38 – Here for Beer

39 – Bluff Masters


Main Events Schedule

Sunday, April 16th – 6pm Captains Meeting

Monday, April 17th – 9am Captains Meeting (make-up session), 9:30pm Scavenger Hunt Doors open at 9pm

Tuesday, April 18th – 9:30pm Nerdology Doors open at 9pm

Wednesday, April 19th – 9:00pm Challenge Night, Captains meet at 8:30pm for instructions

Thursday, April 20th – 8:00pm Flags Turn in team Flags for Judging at 8pm, 9:30pm Chant

Friday, April 21st – 5:30pm Springfest Dinner

Saturday, April 22nd – 9am Sports Day, approx. 4:30pm Mud-Tug-of-War


Springfest Service Project

Saturday, April 15 through Friday, April 21

As a Springfest participant you have the opportunity to help a local family by working with Habitat for Humanity to build a home from the foundation to the roof in a Build Blitz during Springfest.  The service project is a Springfest “Major Event” and as such is worth as many points as the other weeknight events (like scavenger hunt, etc.). So get your team out and work alongside other Springfesters to help make this home a reality.

Register online through UISConnection here