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Dear Friend of the Performing Arts:

Bob VaughnThe Show is more than the performance…so, what is the show?  For one thing, the show includes YOU!  The magic of live performance is the interaction of the artist and the audience - those very special moments during a performance when the audience and artist seem to become partners in the creation of a unique and sometimes transformative moment.  Sometimes the artists’ work makes you think, stirs an emotion, or inspires you – The Show Is More Than the Performancemaybe even to learn new skills.  The artist feels the connection, and realizes this higher partnership with confidence and renewed and refined effort. 

The show also includes a phenomenon resulting from group participation.  Our sense of self-worth is enhanced through our group experience as we become part of a larger effort.

But the show is also the journey through the countryside and onto an exquisite university campus – and into a stunning performance hall.

The show includes those who possessed the vision to create a performing arts center on a young campus and everyone who planned, dug, scraped, riveted, poured, carpeted and ‘furnished’ it into existence.

The show is also those who make these experiences possible.  Managing, funding, selecting programs, booking, marketing, accounting, ticketing, parking, providing security and safety, landscaping, ushering, seating, cleaning, providing hospitality, providing  technical services- all functions requiring  thousands of individuals involved in a spectacular creative and service team-to create a place where experience can be lived.

Bob Vaughn, Director
Sangamon Auditorium, University of Illinois at Springfield



Sangamon Auditorium ~ University of Illinois Springfield ~ Tickets 217.206.6160 or 800.207.6960