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Party Policy

Residents may have social gatherings in your living space within certain guidelines.

To ensure your safety and to ensure that your guests comply with UIS Housing policies, we ask that parties be registered at least 5 business days in advance of your event.

Parties are described as events with 13 or more people. An event can also be considered a party if it looks, smells, sounds, or feels like a party – as determined by UIS Housing staff or other campus administrators.

When you register your party, the Resident Director for the area will meet with you to review the expectations and conditions of approval. If you have any questions please contact your area’s Resident Director.

Additional Details

Apartment residents who wish to have a larger quantity of alcohol for of-age attendees only, and all residents who wish to invite guests equal to thirteen or more people inside/about an apartment (which includes the residents of the hosting apartment), or who sponsor an activity which features excessive noise must register their “party” with the Housing Office.

A mandatory meeting between all apartment residents and a Housing Office administrator will be scheduled as a pre-condition of approval. All listed sponsors must agree on several potential meeting times and be prepared to sign-up for a meeting with the administrator at the time you submit your registration form. If the requesting apartment has previously submitted a party registration form, attended the mandatory meeting, and hosted a successful event (without UIS Police or UIS Housing Staff intervention), then the designated host of the event will be the only required person to attend the registration meeting per event. This remains true only if all occupants of the apartment continue to be the same. The UIS Police Department will be notified when a request is submitted, and again once a permit is confirmed. At a minimum, please contact all neighbors that share a wall, breezeway, and floor with your apartment to discuss your permit application with them.

Parties are sometimes approved to go later than the start of quiet hours, but never beyond the stated time on the party registration form. Please note the strict limits on number of attendees set out in the party permit are to protect campus and residential security, minimize risk of damages and policy violations, and to maintain a manageable environment supporting and complementing the primary academic mission of the University. Participation limits are based on the size of your unit, not including decks and lawn areas. In addition to the registration form being submitted to the Housing Office, a guest list of actual invited attendees must also be provided.

When an unregistered party occurs, a violation exists, and everyone present is a part of that violation. Neither LRH residents nor apartment residents are permitted to be at unapproved parties in the apartments, even if they are not drinking. Similarly, no alcohol is allowed in LRH. Neither residents of campus apartments nor LRH residents are permitted to be in a room in LRH with alcohol, even if they are of age and even if they are not drinking.The Housing Office cannot condone the abuse of alcohol, use of illicit substances or misuse of approved substances.

Some of the situations or circumstances which may affect approval of party registrations include:

  • the disciplinary history of the hosts
  • prior history of past parties by the host
  • number and frequency of parties in the area
  • the hosts’ relationships with neighbors

timing with regards to the academic calendar (e.g. parties are never approved during final exams) and university sponsored student activities planned for that night.

Failure to properly register and obtain approval will impact ability to host at a later date and may result in disciplinary action. Hosting an unregistered party is a serious breach of the Terms and Conditions as it violates the safety, security and academically sensitive principles upon which housing is provided to you.

To register:

The host of the party must fill out the form below and all roommates must also complete the roommate form below. The party will not be officially registered until each individual has completed the appropriate form.