Residence Life Policies

Policies and Services

See below for more information about important policies and services provided by the Department of Residence Life:


Alcohol Policies

The possession and consumption of alcoholic beverages on property owned or controlled by the University is controlled by regulations of the University and by laws of the State of Illinois.

Absolutely no alcohol is permitted inside the Residence Halls, regardless of the age of the residents, including empty alcohol containers.  Possession, distribution to minors, and underage drinking is subject to disciplinary action and criminal charges.

In the Townhouses and Apartments the possession and consumption of alcoholic beverages on property owned or controlled by the University is regulated by the University and by laws of the State of Illinois. No resident or guest under age 21 may possess, consume or be impaired by alcohol on campus, including within campus housing. Open alcohol is not permitted past 15 feet from the Resident’s front door or carried between buildings or into the parking lots. Kegs and other large volume containers (greater than 1 gallon in volume) are prohibited on campus.  Beer bongs are not permitted in campus housing.

More information for student organizations on hosting events with alcohol is available from the division of Student Affairs and the Office of Student Life.


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Campus Police

The U.I.S. Campus is served by a 24 hour police force. In addition, code blue phones are located throughout campus. These provide immediate direct access to campus police dispatchers.


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Childcare & Public Schools

Childcare & Public Schools Childcare is available on campus at the Cox Children’s Center (located northeast of Bluebell Court), which accepts children from 6 weeks to 6 years of age.  To enroll your child, please contact the Cox Children’s Center (217-206-6610) directly.

School aged children attend the highly regarded Ball-Chatham public schools. School buses transport children from the housing area to all Chatham schools.  School buses pick up near the entrance Sunflower Court at about 7:30am and return them home at about 4:00pm.

Contact the school that your child will attend for more information about registration.

  • Chatham Elementary (grades K-2): (217) 483-2411
  • Ball Chatham (grades 3-5): (217) 483-2414
  • Glenwood Jr. High (grades 6-8): (217) 483-2481
  • Glenwood High (grades 9-12): (217) 483-2424

Child Care Website


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Cleaning Expectations

Residents are responsible for maintaining their living unit in a consistently clean and sanitary condition. This includes proper trash disposal, proper storage of perishable and nonperishable food items, as well as maintaining sanitation in bathroom areas by cleaning the floor, shower, sink, and toilet regularly.

The University will provide for pest control as required. Pest control charges incurred due to failure to properly maintain a clean living environment shall be assessed against all residents of the apartment or bedroom involved. The University may conduct inspections, as it deems necessary to assure a safe and clean living environment.


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When a resident checks in to campus housing, the R.A. will complete an inventory check-in form for the living space. Each resident is responsible for making sure that all damages and deficiencies are noted on this form. When the resident checks out of campus housing, all damages and deficiencies not listed on the inventory check-in form will be charged to the resident(s) of the living unit. If we must paint, fix, repair or replace our property because of a resident’s negligence or intention, then we will charge that resident for our time, materials and labor to bring our property back to good condition. The University pays for damages that occur through normal wear and tear; you are charged for any additional damages.  Financial assessments for replacement or repair of items damaged are based on repair and replacement costs (including labor costs) plus administrative fees. Residents may forfeit deposits and incur additional charges based on damages incurred through their contract period.  Maintenance and repairs will be completed based on the Housing schedule and occupancy of the apartment, this may occur at a future time when deferred maintenance can be completed.

Residents are asked to help preserve their buildings by reporting incidents of damage or vandalism to their R.A. In all cases, housing staff members will work to identify the responsible party. Any damages to your personal space will result in you being financial responsible for those damages unless there is a known party. In the case of loss or damage to a common area of the building (defined as being an area not assigned to an individual), the cost of repair and/or replacement may be assessed to each resident (divided among all in the area).  Resident Directors investigate vandalism situations and, if unable to determine the individuals responsible, decide whether the charges should be assessed to the individuals living on a particular wing, floor, building or the community.


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Domestic Partnership

As a function of serving our family housing residents, domestic partnership is allowed. This service is only provided to those that live in a family housing area. To request a domestic partnership please complete the form below.


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Fire Alarms

All fire alarms must be reported to the University Police. For emergency reports only, the number to call is 6-7777. The non-emergency police telephone number is 6-6690. Should the fire alarm in your apartment activate, you must report the location and the nature of the alarm (smoke from cooking, grease fire, steam from the shower) to the police. If the alarm in your building goes off, please evacuate your apartment. By evacuating your apartment, the R.A. on duty and police may account for all building residents. Treat every fire alarm as if it were a real fire.

In the residence hall, pull the nearest alarm box if alarm has not activated in the case of a real fire. When exiting the building, stay calm and proceed immediately to the nearest exit. DO NOT use the elevator.  Be sure to know an alternate route if the nearest exit is blocked.  Wear shoes and dress for the weather since you may be outdoors for a long period of time.  Take your keys because your room will be locked when you return.  Bring a towel to cover your face in case there is smoke.   Stay at least 500 feet away from the building but do not leave the premises without someone knowing in case we have to take a head count.  Only re-enter the building after the alarm has been turned off and you have been instructed to do so.  During fire drills or alarms, individuals who fail to evacuate are subject to University disciplinary action and fines.


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Fire Extinguishers & Other Fire-Safety Devices

Every residence is equipped with fire extinguishers. Fire extinguishers should be used only for their intended purpose and should not be removed from their assigned location. Residents should check their fire extinguisher occasionally to assure that it is properly charged. Inadequately charged fire extinguishers should be reported as work orders. Tampering with fire safety extinguishers, smoke detectors, or other fire-safety devices is considered a direct violation of the Housing Terms and Conditions that will lead to disciplinary action that may include suspension, expulsion, a fine, and applicable repair charges.  Please note also that individuals who cause false fire alarms are subject to criminal penalties, as well as University disciplinary action that may include suspension, expulsion, a fine, and repair charges.


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Students living in the Residence Halls are prohibited from having any barbeque grills (gas or charcoal). Students living in the apartments are allowed to have grills provided that they are used and stored outside at all times. Campus grills are provided in multiple common housing areas for resident use.

Barbeque grills are not allowed on or directly beneath apartment balconies or stairwells to avoid possible fire hazards.  Do not put hot coals from a cookout on the ground or in the dumpster. When the ashes have cooled, please dispose of them in the dumpster.

All grills must be used at least 15 feet from any campus structure. In accordance with the flammable substances policy, “turkey fryers” are not allowed.  Outdoor fireplaces and patio “firepots” are prohibited as they are not used for cooking purposes and are intended for use with wood fuel.


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Garbage Removal

Dumpsters are provided in all housing areas for resident use.  Residents are responsible for depositing trash from their living areas into the garbage dumpsters.  Garbage cans of more than 10 gallons are not allowed inside living areas.  Garbage should not be stored outside of apartments.

Failure to remove garbage within 24 hours of a warning by Res Life Staff will result in possible judicial sanctions.  Large items such as chairs, couches, or mattresses should not be deposited in UIS Housing dumpsters.  Fines will be assessed to responsible parties.  Information about the proper disposal of large items in the Springfield Area can be provided to residents by their area Resident Director.


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Guests are a privilege and the exercise of one resident’s guest privilege cannot compromise the rights of roommates and neighbors.  Overnight guests are permitted with prior consent from all roommates.  Guests are allowed to stay in University Housing no more than three days in two weeks. The University reserves the right to limit the number or frequency of overnight guests.  Concerns by roommates can be directed to the area Resident Director or another Residence Life professional.

Residents are responsible for ensuring that guests comply with all University rules, regulations, and policies.   In Lincoln and Founders Residence Hall, residents may have no more than 3 guests at a time and all overnight guests need to be registered at the front desk of your building.  Guests must also be escorted at all times. Residents may not sublet the premises nor give routine accommodation to roomers, boarders, friends, or relatives.


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Judicial Appeals

Students are offered the right of due process through an educational hearing process which includes an administrative hearing, one level of appeal, and possible educational and monetary sanctions. As part of each student’s due process we offer appeals following judicial hearings. At the conclusion of a hearing you have two business days to complete the judicial appeals process. For more information please contact your Resident Director.


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Keys are issued only to the persons assigned to a living unit.  Guests and visitors must be invited by the resident and accompanied by that resident at all times. Persons not assigned to a unit who enter without authorization are illegally entering a private domicile.  This is an explicit breach of security and is subject to disciplinary action as well as criminal charges.  Residents and visitors are not allowed to enter housing storage, maintenance or office spaces, Housing Commons, Founders or LRH when the building is closed without the authorization of Residence Life Administration.

If you lose your key, you must report it immediately. You can request a lock change at the Housing Office if you believe your key was lost or stolen. If the lock is re-cored you will be charged for the replacement of the core along with the keys. The cost of key replacements is found on our damage summary sheet. Resident provided door-locking mechanisms are prohibited.


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Laundry rooms are located within all areas of UIS housing. Service telephone numbers are located in each machine a well as a machine number. Please call the service number to report any issues. Only I-cards can be used in all laundry rooms.


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Residents of Founders and Lincoln Residence Hall are eligible for assistance with lock outs through their area front desks or a RA on Duty.  Residents of the apartment and townhouse areas are eligible for assistance with lock outs through either the Central Residence Life Office or a RA on Duty.  A resident must show or verify identification before being provided access to their living space.  In the residence halls you must provide an ID or cell phone as collateral to receive a lockout key; lockout keys must be returned within an hour or you will be charged $100.  Two lockouts requiring assistance are free each semester; residents needing assistance more than twice will be charged $50 for each additional lockout.

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Mail Service and Package Pick-Up

Mailboxes and mailbox keys are assigned to residents upon checking into housing. Residents’ names must be on the mailbox in order to receive mail. Only residents’ names may appear on or inside the mailbox.

You will be notified via email whenever a package arrives for you.  Packages for Lincoln residents can be picked up at the LRH Front Desk, Founders residents can go to the FRH Front Desk, and Townhouse/Apartment residents can go to Housing Commons.  To retrieve your package the following must be true:

  • Student or State ID is required to pick up any package.
  • Only the resident to whom the package is addressed can claim the package.
  • All packages must be addressed to current residents or they will be returned to the package carrier.

When moving out, a change of address card should be filled out to ensure mail is delivered to the appropriate address. The Department of Residence Life will not forward mail.  Misdirected mail should be returned to the front desk.

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Move In and Move Out

Residents must make appointments to move in to UIS Residence Life units unless it is a designated Move-In Day at the beginning of the semester. They must also complete the proper move out process when vacating campus housing.


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Noise levels in and around campus housing are expected to be moderate and conducive to a positive academic learning community. Residents have a right to sleep and study free from undue interference in their living spaces. Roommates and neighbors should reach a general agreement about acceptable noise levels to prevent conflict. If you are having difficulty with a neighbor regarding noise, please attempt to talk to the person and resolve the problem. If you have further problems, you may call your R.A. or the R.A. on duty. University housing staff members may confront residents who are making too much noise even if they have not received a complaint, and residents who are confronted because of noise levels are expected to reduce the noise immediately.

Residence Life observes 24 hour courtesy hours, and study hours begin at 11:00 p.m. Sundays through Thursdays and 12:00 a.m. on Friday and Saturday except in Sunflower Court.  Study hours for this court, populated with many children and busy families, are set at 9:00p.m. nightly.

During study hours, noise should not be disruptive to the general environment.  Also, noise from within your room or apartment should not be audible outside your door.  During finals week, 24 hour study hours are in effect from midnight, on Saturday the weekend beginning finals, through the following Saturday.

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Parking/ Vehicle Info You Must Know

Residents, visitors, and guests must comply with University policies regarding parking, traffic, and the maintenance of vehicles. The housing contract does not include parking privileges. Parking hang tag or vehicle registration requirements must be met by residents prior to bringing a vehicle on campus. The University policies are available at the Housing Office and the Parking Operations Office. Residents of UIS Housing will have a color coordinated UIS hang tag depending on their area of campus.

Parking in, or driving through the inner courtyards of Sunflower (East) Court or Clover (West) Court is not permitted at any time. Removal of chains from these courtyards is also not permitted except by University staff. In addition, driving or parking on the lawns near Pennyroyal (Northwest) Court is not permitted. Charges for damage to grounds will be assessed in these cases. Residents are responsible for their guests’ adherence to University parking regulations. Illegally parked vehicles may be towed without notice at owner’s expense. Motorcycles and motor-driven cycles must adhere to regulations governing all other vehicles and cannot be driven or parked inside courtyards, on lawns, inside buildings, or on sidewalks. All terrain vehicles, snowmobiles, and other motorized vehicles not licensed for operation on public streets are prohibited. Bicycles must be parked in bicycle racks or in storage closets. Bicycles may not be parked or stored in apartment hallways, on walkways, or on balconies. Access to the inner courtyard drives may be obtained for the purpose of moving into or out of housing by contacting the Housing Office or your R.A.


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The Apartment and Townhouses should never exceed 25 occupants at a gathering.  This is for the safety of our residents, their guests, and the facility itself and these numbers have been set by the Illinois State Fire Marshal.  If Housing policies are being violated (including noise, alcohol or drugs, non-compliance, etc.), you may be asked to immediately disband your gathering by Residence Life Staff or UIS Police.  Violating these Residence Life policies may result in a judicial meeting with your Resident Director or Residence Life Staff Member, or a Student Code of Conduct meeting with the Dean of Students. Hosts can be held liable for the violations occurring inside their unit by their guests.


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The only pets allowed in campus housing are small non-carnivorous fish in an aquarium (maximum 10 gallon in Residence Halls, 20 gallon in Apts) and certified and approved service animals.  For approval to have a service animal, please contact the Director of Residence Life.  The University assumes no responsibility for harm to, or loss of, an aquarium for whatever reason.

Residents may not volunteer to watch a pet nor have one visit.  Disciplinary consequences for unapproved pets may include confiscation of the pet, damage charges, and termination of contract.  Residents who require aid dogs should be registered with the Office of Disability Services (SLB 11) and file documentation with the Residence Life Office.


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The Department of Residence Life supports the mission for environmental sustainability.  Recycling containers are provided within all housing areas.  Residents are highly encouraged to be a positive global citizen and take a few minutes every day to help reduce personal waste and recycle. Blue recycling bins have been placed in each unit and disposal bins in laundry rooms (Apartment and Townhouse areas) and trash rooms (Residence Halls).


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Roommate Considerations

Residents are expected to cooperate and communicate with their roommates. Residents who demonstrate an inability to maintain effective roommate relationships may have their contract cancelled. The Housing Office expects you to attempt to talk to your roommates and resolve conflicts and deal with problems first, and to contact your R.A. or the R.A. on duty if you have further problems. Further information exists in the community handbook.


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Door to door sales and canvassing are not permitted in campus housing. Children of family residents may request approval for fundraising; Student Government Candidates are given specific campaign guidelines for campus housing.

Never give money or personal information to a person who does not have authorization for solicitation. Solicitors without approval, suspicious, threatening, or badgering solicitation or distribution of unauthorized or inappropriate material, regardless of purpose or organization, should be reported to the University Police.


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Telephones, Computers and TV

Telephones and telephone service is not provided in your on-campus room, or apartment.

The living room and all bedrooms in each apartment are wired for cable television. The University has embarked on its own 72-channel, satellite-based cable system. This system provides a diverse channel lineup featuring foreign-language based channels (German, French, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, South Asian, and Arabic); 3 HBO’s, Disney, sports packages, etc. Residents are not able contract directly with outside cable or satellite providers. Additional “premium” channels and digital box upgrades are not available on the system at this time.

Ethernet ports are located in every bedroom on campus. In addition, UIS WIFI exists throughout campus for all individuals that possess a supported username and password. If you are not a student and wish to utilize the WIFI, you can request a temporary password. Any issues should be sent directly to campus technology services or by internet and cable work order.


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Tornadoes and Severe Storms

In the event of a tornado or severe storm, please take shelter immediately. Do not take shelter in your car.  Do not go outside to watch the storm.  Storms and tornadoes are quick and unpredictable.  You are expected to cooperate with all Housing Office staff and University Police instructions. Be aware and helpful to mobility impaired residents and children who may need assistance.

  • In the Apartments:  If you hear the siren, please evacuate to the PAC tunnel, where you will receive more information.  If time does not permit, please seek a downstairs bathroom. In many East Campus Apartments you will need to set up a plan with your downstairs neighbors in advance if you wish to use this option.
  • In the Residence Halls: If you hear the siren, please go to the first floor residential wings, enter a bathroom, face the wall and kneel with your arms covering your head. Keep stairwell, lobby access and room doors closed.
  • In the Housing Commons: The Commons Monitor will instruct all people in and around the Commons where to go.  The concourses at Brookens, PAC, and HSB serve as the central University Emergency Shelter.

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