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Electric charges are included in room and apartment rates, and the electricity is on when you move in. We expect residents to be efficient in their usage of electricity.


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Network Connections

Data connections are available in all units, which allow residents to directly connect to the campus computer network and the Internet. These data connections are made available to aid and enhance residents’ educational experience through the use of a broad variety of online resources and tools.

In addition to the wired data connections, Wireless Internet access is available in all academic and administrative buildings, all student apartments and residence halls, in recreational facilities, and in outdoor “gathering spots”.


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Telephones and land-line telephone connections are not provided.  Land-line phone service is no longer provided to residents by the University.

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Mail and Packages

Standard United States Postal Services are provided to all students on campus via apartment or room mail boxes. All mail boxes in the apartments and townhouse are located on the exterior of your areas laundry facility with the exception of Larkspur Court. Larkspur’s mail boxes are located inside the Housing Commons Office. Residence hall mail boxes are located by the front desk of both LRH and FH. For packages or mail that is too large to fit in standard mailboxes, please refer to your area’s front desk. East and West campus packages reside in Housing Commons main office. It is important that you put your address down so that it is delivered to Housing Commons. If you place the Housing Commons address down it will be sent to the campus central shipping and receiving first which will delay the process of you receiving your package. Please know that if you are not the designated resident of a room, apartment, or townhouse, you can not receive packages or mail on campus unless you are the domestic partner, child, or spouse of a family housing resident.

Package Pick Up

Important Things to Remember

  • You will receive an email notification from the Department of Residence Life (DRL) when your package is ready!
    • Even if you receive a delivery notice from a third party, the package must be processed by DRL staff first.
    • We attempt to process all packages on the day of delivery.
  • ICard is required for package pick up.
  • You MUST pick up your package in person.  You CANNOT send a friend to retrieve your package.

Mailing Addresses 

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  • Cars: A parking decal must be purchased at the
    Office of the Bursar to legally park in the UIS parking lots. The
    fee is $60 for a full year or $30 for one semester. The UIS decals are also inclusive of colors coordinating an individual to a particular style of Housing (Apartments, Townhouses, Residence Halls). No additional decal is needed for parking in Housing.
  • UIS parking decals can be purchased at the Parking Operations office in the Public Affairs Center.
  • Bus: The Springfield
    Mass Transit District
    bus service between downtown (Seventh and Capitol), the main campus,
    housing, and Lincoln Land Community College.


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