Gender Neutral Housing

“Justice is what love looks like in public” ~ Cornel West

The Gender Neutral Housing (GNH) option will provide a welcoming space for students to choose their roommates, regardless of gender, to promote a healthy and safe living and learning environment. GNH allows students to live in an environment where they can express their gender or sexual orientation in a way that is true to themselves in a safe and supported way. If you have questions about gender-identity, gender expression, or transgender student support, please contact Kerry Poynter in the LGBTQA Resource Office

If selected for the GNH, you agree to and acknowledge the following:

  • You enter this living arrangement of your own volition and agree to do so for the relevant contract period.
  • You agree to provide feedback to Residence Life through surveys, open forums, and other means to help us develop and improve the GNH experience when asked.
  • Should you or one of your roommates leave the unit before the end of the contract, the remaining students will be asked to find a new resident to take the space of the student who vacates, or accept another student interested in serving as a replacement.
  • If no one is found to fill the empty space, those residents remaining could collectively assume financial responsibility for the departed person or be relocated to a non-gender-neutral unit should there be a demand for those spaces.
  • Should you (or any roommate) prove incapable of adjusting to this community, fail to adhere to contractual terms and conditions set by Residence Life, or are found to be non-compliant with the student code of conduct, you may be relocated or your continued participation voided as needed.


How to Apply:

  • Submit a written request to John Ringle (, Director of Residence Life. Requests submitted will receive consideration for assignment based on availability. Your request should include a statement of interest, your rationale as to how this living arrangement will support your individual academic success, and contribute to your overall personal growth and development.


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