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Contract Renewal Application

Step 1

Please read ALL of this information

Application available Friday, 3/9

  • For summer 2012 and/or fall 2012-spring 2013 go to website at bottom of page.
  • Your Login ID will be emailed to you.
  • Your Password is your Date of Birth. The format is outlined below.
    • Login ID: (insert from email)
      Password: 1/2/2011

*Make sure to use slashes between month/day/year

**Also make sure that you DO NOT use zeros in the month or day if it is a single digit (1-9).

  • At this point, you should be allowed to enter into the application where you are shown an information page with instructions, important dates, and an “I Agree” & “I Do Not Agree” button.

If you are not allowed into the application, it is likely that there may be a problem with your UIS Housing standing. You should have received a notice documenting your change in standing (ie. Financial hold, judicial standing, and enrollment matters). This will prevent you from returning to UIS Housing unless otherwise resolved.

  • Student Biographical Information Page – please double check and fix if information is not correct.
  • 2012-2013 Preference Page. Please complete this page & respond to: Contract Renewal, Themed Wings (if needed), Roommate Requests (if any), and Other Options.

    Staying Put – allows current residents of an apt/townhouse to sign up for the same space with one or more roommates (the roommates can be current residents from another campus space), or their family. Residents requesting this option must be returning to the same space for Fall 2012/ Spring 2013. It is not necessary to live in your apt during the summer in order to “stay put”. Residence hall students do not have the option of “staying put”.

    Group Change Process – allows two or more residents to sign up for a different space than they currently occupy with one or more roommates of their choosing. This is one of two options that rising Sophomores have.

    Individual Change Process – allows a resident who has no requested roommates to select their space for summer and/or next academic year. This is the second option that a rising Sophomore has.

    Family Housing – allows current and interested residents who need family housing to notify Housing for the Fall 2012-Spring 2013 semesters. Current family residents will be relocated to Clover Court for the Fall 2012 semester due to Sunflower refurbishment.

    Summer Only Process – allows a resident to sign up ONLY for the summer 2012 term. This resident has no intention of continuing in UIS Housing after July 29, 2012.

    Roommate Preferences – allows current residents to request other current residents by providing a first and last name. The roommate request will remain unconfirmed until it becomes a mutual request. Please note that there are some students that are required to live in specific areas & may not be allowed to room with you (Sophomores allowed to live in Founders, Honors sophomores allowed in Lincoln, juniors, seniors, graduates not able to move into residence halls.)

  • Summer 2012 options. Please complete this page to let us know if you are contracting for a summer space.

    Summer Renovations – Due to the on-going renovations in the East Campus housing areas during the 2012 summer, placements will be made almost entirely in the West Campus townhouses. UIS Housing has negotiated a rate for those residents continuing into the townhouses and having to relocate from an apartment setting. Current Clover Court residents will not be required to space change for the summer unless choosing to do so. 

    Residence Hall Student Summer Move-In – (Friday, 6/1) 1st year and 2nd year students that are enrolling in summer classes do have the option to live on campus during the summer session. Please make note that the move-in day for summer session will be Friday, 6/1/2012. All current residence hall students must vacate from their spring semester space for the interim period (5/12-5/31); this is due to the time needed to prepare summer spaces.

    Summer Housing Placements If you are choosing to live in campus housing during the summer session, the Housing & Residential Life office will assist in making your summer assignment based on your room type and your fall assignment. We will inform you of that location by Monday, 4/9/2012.

    Summer Cancellation Deadline – if you sign up for summer and then later change your mind, please make sure to submit a contract cancellation request form into the Central Housing Office by 4/30/2012 in order to not receive financial penalties.

  • Apply Signature Page – This page allows you to make your final submittal of your 2012-2013 Contract Renewal. Once you have completed this application process, UIS Housing will review your submitted information & will proceed accordingly.


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