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Residence Life University of Illinois Springfield

Returning Student Room Selection Process (Contract Renewal)

We are beginning the room selection process for the 2014-15 academic year and want to know your plans.


Non-Renewing Students

  • You are not required to fill out the online application if you do not intend to return to campus housing.

Renewing Students

Fall 2015-2016 Room Selection FAQs
Please view the link below for a screenshot walkthrough of the room selection feature!
Room Selection Walkthrough (pdf)

Room Selection for 2014-2015

Look below to find your Access Time*:

Returners and Above Alphabetical – 2014-2015 Room Selection

Returners and Above by Access Times – 2014-2015 Room Selection

2nd Year Returners Alphabetical – 2014-2015 Room Selection

2nd Year Returners by Access Times – 2014-2015 Room Selection

*for students not approved for Specialty Housing

Information and instructions about this process can be found below. We hope that this process is an easy one for you! If you have any questions, feel free to ask in our direct message box at the bottom.

All students in good standing (academically, behaviorally, and financially) will have the opportunity to participate in the contract renewal process.

If you forget or fail to complete the on-line application form we will presume that you will not be residing on campus and your space will be reallocated. Residents who fail to reserve a space during the prescribed dates will lose their opportunity to be assigned before new applicants.

Timeline for Contract Renewal

Application/Contract Launch
Wednesday, 2/19 at 4:00PM
Information Session
Friday, 2/21 from 11:00 AM-12:00 PM
Application Close – Specialty Housing
Friday, 2/28 at 2:59 PM
Specialty Housing Placements Completed
Friday 2/28 – Tuesday 3/4
Information Session
Friday 2/28 from 3:00 PM – 4:00 PM
Information Session
Tuesday 3/4 from 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM
Application Close – Non-Specialty Housing
Thursday 3/6, at 2:59 PM
Lottery Results and Access Times Available
Monday, 3/17 after 5:00 PM
Select Room Access Times
Wednesday-Friday, 3/26 – 3/28

Student Housing Portal Access


Summer (Application/Contract available early April): To be eligible for Summer campus housing you must:

  1. Have paid all current housing related charges (including rental costs, late fees, etc.), AND
  2. Be enrolled in 6 credit hours for academic credit at UIS or LLCC, OR
  3. For juniors, seniors and graduates: if not enrolled for the Summer term at UIS, you must have been
    1. enrolled for a minimum of 8 credit hours each semester during the 2013-2014 academic year AND
    2. must be registered for a minimum of 8 credit hours for Fall 2014.
  4. There is no summer storage option available on campus.  Please see suggested options listed below if you need to store your belongings.
    • Please note: These options are provided due to their proximity to campus, the Department of Residence Life and the University of Illinois Springfield are not affiliated with these entities, nor do we endorse them for use.
Capital Storage U-Haul
900 E. Straight Street  1032 Stevenson Dr.
Springfield, IL(217) 522-0300  Springfield, IL 62703
5×10 – $40.00/month  (217) 786-2100
9×10 – $60.00/month 5x6x9 – $39.99
No climate control available at Straight St. location. 5x8x9 – $44.99
5x10x9 – $79.99
Limited number of climate controlled units.

Fall & Spring: To be eligible for academic year campus housing you must:

  1. Have paid all current housing related charges (including rental costs, late fees, etc.), AND
  2. Be admitted into a degree-seeking program AND be registered for a minimum of 8 credit hours for both semesters

Dates and Info of Interest

  • Honors Students – all 1st and 2nd year Capital Scholar Honors’ students are required to live in Lincoln Residence Hall and SERI Community within Pennyroyal and Marigold courts may not be considered for other living accommodations.
  • Second Year Returning Students (Sophomores) – Spaces have been reserved for soon to be sophomores generally in Founder’s Hall and SERI Community within Pennyroyal and Marigold courts.
  • Upperclassmen – these students have various options to choose from in the coming academic year: East Campus Apartments, West Campus Townhouses, and Family Housing (students with a domestic partner, spouse, and/or dependents).
  • Summer Student Move-In Friday, May 30, 2014 –  Students enrolling in summer courses have the option to live on campus during the summer session.  Please make note that the move-in date day for summer session will be Friday, May 30, 2014.  All current residence hall students must relocate from the residence halls into their summer housing assignments during the interim period (5/17-5/30).
  • Summer Housing Placements – If you are choosing to live on campus during the summer session, the Department of Residence Life will process your summer housing assignment based on your application/contract submission date.  2014 Summer Housing (non-family) will be located in Larkspur Court.  We will inform you of your summer housing assignment on April 10, 2014 or later based on your application/contract submission date.


Cancellation Deadlines for Housing Applications and Contracts

  • Summer Semester – April 30
  • Fall Semester – June 30
  • Spring Semester – November 30

Residents MUST modify housing contracts in writing before the above dates or they will be charged for placement in housing – including but not limited to: forfeiture of deposit, other penalty charges, and semester housing charges.

Reassignment/Space Change Request Form

Reassignment/Space Change Requests for 2014-2015

Please note the following when completing a room reassignment/space change request:

  • You will not be contacted prior to being reassigned. Reassignment requests cannot be cancelled once they are accommodated, as your previous space will be immediately utilized for other reassignment requests.
  • If you select a space through the reassignment request process for which you are not eligible, the requested will be voided.
  • All parties interested in reassignment must complete the form and the requests must be mutual.
  • The Department of Residence Life does not guarantee reassignment/space change requests.

If you have any questions, please contact the Department of Residence Life: or 217-206-6190.

Additional Resources: