Special Projects – Pending

Homer Butler Commons Building – Estimated project start date: Summer 2014

With our continue plan to improve what is offered to our students, the Homer Butler Commons building will receive interior and exterior renovations.  Siding, matching the recently renovated buildings of east campus housing, will be added to the current building structure.  All windows will be replaced with energy efficient windows identical to the apartments.  Entrance doors will also be replaced adding to a more welcoming feel versus the industrial presentation currently in place. Carpet will be replaced improving the appearance and presentation for student use.  Lastly, mailboxes will be expanded on providing one stop collecting for letters, magazines and packages for those living on east campus.


West Campus Housing Roof Replacement – Estimated project start date: Summer 2014

It has been identified the shingles of the roofs for Phase II construction of west campus housing (Pennyroyal 21-24, Marigold Court and Foxglove Court) are nearing their life expectance earlier than expected.  In order to reduce water damage and increased structural problems, it is necessary to have these shingles replaced.