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Department of Public Health University of Illinois Springfield

MPH Professional Option

The MPH professional option provides an opportunity for physicians and others with earned doctorates and at least one year of health-related experience to earn an MPH degree at UIS. The option requires completion of the 28 hours of core courses including the internship and 8 hours of general electives (36 hours total). Other applicants may be eligible for admission to this option and will be considered by the admissions committee on a case-by-case basis. Included are:

  1. those currently enrolled in a physician residency-training program, and
  2. those who are in the process of completing a doctoral-level health-related degree, and who have at least one year of health-related experience.

Interested applicants should contact the MPH department for information about the application process.



* Students who were admitted before fall 2014 should consult the catalog requirements in place at the time of admission.

Revised 24 Jan 2014